candy sweat

Workout Routines:

Candy Sweat Workout (Lower Body + Core/45-60 min)

Body Weight Bliss Workout (Full Body/20-30 min)

Heart Pumpin’ 21 Breakdown (Full Body/30-45 min)

Legs on Fire (Leg-Focused HIIT/20 min)

Summertime Sweat (Full Body/45 min)

Build & Break Pyramid (Full Body/15 min)

1,000 Rep Workout (Full Body/45 min)

Sunshine Sprints (Cardio/30 min)

Anti-Crunch Abs (Core/8-16 min)

Ab Killer (Core/15 min)

Hold & Hop Workout (Core+Cardio/30 min)

Hop To It Workout (Core+Cardio/20 min)

Booty Burn (Full Body- Lower Focus/45 min)

Disclaimer: I am currently certified as a personal trainer through FiTour and am studying to get my NASM Certification. All of my workout routines should serve as a guideline for you to build off of and get ideas from. Consult a professional before making any drastic changes to your workout routine and, if something feels uncomfortable, stop! Then make adjustments based on what works for you.


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