Smiling. Family. Sunshine. Los Angeles. Modeling. Acting. Exercise. Reading. Writing. Vegetarian. Coffee (Starbucks). iPhone/Mac. Make Up. Music. Chick-Flicks. Friends. Working. Being responsible. Learning to be spontaneous. Shopping. Carbs. Finding a balance. Sleeping. Hummus. Meeting new people. Being anti-social–> Being social. Hiking. Traveling. Being blonde. Loving. Learning. Living.

Building Bliss. 

The opportunities are endless and the world is at our finger tips. I’m rediscovering the happiness and freedom that I once knew. I’m learning to color outside of the lines. I’m learning to breathe and let go. I can’t guarantee what the future will hold but it promises to be a very interesting ride. Bring it on.

Email: dryden.emily(at)yahoo(dot)com // Instagram & Twitter: @missemmmysue

    • Emily said:

      Awww! Yay! Thank you! (:

  1. I’m a vegetarian and coffee lover (especially Starbucks) as well! Excited to have found your blog 🙂

  2. Margot said:

    I love how you enjoy all these little moments in life. I’m like you and I’m happy that I found your blog!

    • Emily said:

      Aww, thank you!
      I’m so happy that you found my blog as well and I’m excited to start following yours. xox

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