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Based on my life experience thus far, the best way I can explain being in your 20s is that it’s like riding a ferris wheel. You get on, expecting a leisurely ride and killer views, but quickly discover that your seat won’t stop swinging, you feel dizzy and nauseas every time things shift, and you just really want to GET OFF but it takes an eternity to make it around to the other side.

Sooo yeah, your 20s can be rough (ahem, super rough), but at least you’re not alone. None of us are. We’re all on this ferris wheel, anxiously awaiting the bottom and putting our feet back on solid ground…and we WILL get there eventually. But until then, it helps to remember a few key things…

  1. You’re still young. Yes, you’re the oldest you’ve ever been, but nobody expects you to have it all together. It’s okay to still be shifting from job to job, still searching for “the one”, still trying to find your place in the world…it’s okay.
  2. Debt sucks but it’s the reality. Student loans, car payments, credit card bills…they haunt a strikingly large majority of us. You are not alone.
  3. Your parents are proud of you, regardless of where you are in life. They love you.
  4. On that note, embrace your independence but don’t push your parents away. They love you.
  5. You do not, I repeat – DO NOT – have to get married and have children right now. Even though the engagement/wedding/pregnancy facebook posts seem endless (believe me, I get it), there’s no rush. Take time to be alone and learn to love yourself first.
  6. That being said, if you’ve found “the one” and marriage/children/etc. are what you want, don’t let anyone hold you back.
  7. It’s okay to lose (& gain) friends right now. Find people you can trust and hold them tight.
  8. Trust your intuition. If something feels right, go for it. If it doesn’t, don’t. That simple.
  9. Surround yourself with positive, motivating, uplifting people. They will influence you.
  10. Be positive, motivating, and uplifting. You will influence others.
  11. Read books. Lots of books. Self-help books, if you’re into that sort of thing. Keep learning.
  12. Try new things and go on adventures. Lots of them. Those are what you’ll remember forever.
  13. Don’t give up. Work hard for the life you want. Your journey will be far from linear but, if you keep your dreams in sight (and in perspective), you’ll get there. Believe that.

Cheers to being 20-somethings…screen-shot-2016-07-16-at-2-27-48-pm



I’ve missed you! No really, I have. I’ve contemplated returning to blogging roughly 53829472 times over the past year (& actually started a new blog at one point which I never made public, ha!). I wasn’t sure if I wanted to return here or start fresh and that uncertainty led me to procrastinate blogging at all for months. Oops. But after much contemplation, I decided to revive Build Your Bliss and continue on with my new lifestyle, struggles, triumphs, and excitement for life.

So here we are…

To save you from reading 365 days worth of happenings, I’ll just give you a few bullet points:

  • I’m still dating my wonderful boyfriend and couldn’t be happier (see here)
  • My “amazing” job did not work out as planned…be careful who you work for, people
  • Bentley has grown from 3 pounds to 7 and is still the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on (biased)
  • I’ve continued to work out & eat healthy(ish) but my life FAR from revolves around it
  • I’m moving back to LA in 4 days! 

Yep, you read that right. 4 days. [cue all of my anxiety…]

My decision to move came about fairly suddenly which, in all honesty, makes it more overwhelming but also very exciting. I’m a firm believer that if you open yourself up to opportunities, they’ll work out when the time is right…and that’s exactly what happened with this move. A job, an opportunity with the magazine I used to work for, and a perfect place to live all presented themselves within a matter of 30 days– if that’s not fate, I don’t know what is.

And that’s where this chapter of the blog is going to begin, folks! With my move, the return to life down in Los Angeles, and the journey of taking on a long-distance relationship (hopefully short-term!) with my boyfriend– terrifying but I also have no doubt that we’ll get through it. ❤

Oh, and since you missed a year’s worth of photos, here’s a few to get you up to speed…


Here’s to a new journey here on Build Your Bliss…