against all odds

So, I did something over the weekend that 98% of the people in my life have said was “unpractical”…

I got a puppy. 

IMG_7099Meet Bentley. He’s a 10-week old, 2.75lb ball of joy and sweetness.

I found out about him on Friday, decided within an hour that I would adopt him and brought him home Sunday morning. I’ve had him now for 24 brief hours and he has already stolen my heart.

When I say that this is something I’ve been wanting for a looong time, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve literally been praying, hoping, wishing and begging for a puppy to call my own since I lost my last baby, Clifford, over 3-years ago. There’s just something about having a dog that makes me feel “whole” and, even though the timing may seem impractical, I think it was absolutely perfect.

IMG_7110Over the past few months, I’ve alluded to the fact that my mental health is struggling. It’s something I’ve dealt with for the majority of my life; however, in the last 6-months it has worsened for reasons I can’t really seem to identify. My stress and anxiety has increased and “sad” days are happening much more frequently. It’s hard. Anyone who has battled anxiety and depression understands that sometimes it just feels out of control…no matter how hard you try to fix it.

Last Monday, I decided to sit down and make a list of all the things that bring me joy. This is something I’ve done before but not for some time, and not since I moved out of LA. I quickly realized that animals trumped nearly everything else. I thought it was very interesting and decided I would finally adopt the puppy I’ve been dreaming about if and when the opportunity came and it felt right. Little did I know that moment would come in a matter of days. 🙂

FullSizeRender (2)While it may appear that I adopted Bentley for selfish reasons, it’s actually quite the opposite. I adopted him as a reminder to be selfless. He’s a place for me to pour all of my love and a reminder that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. All of my stresses suddenly seem manageable because I’m focused on loving and caring for him. No matter what happens, I will make sure he is fed, walked, healthy and happy…and that gives me a purpose outside of my own mind.

In the past 24-hours, I have smiled and laughed more than I have in months and I have Bentley to thank for that. He and Lionel are my everything and I feel so blessed to be in a position where I’m able to open up my heart and home to two precious little fur babies.

IMG_7153For anyone struggling mentally or emotionally, animals. Love them. Care for them. Pour yourself into them. The love, loyalty and light you receive in return is unlike anything else in the world.

Here’s to puppy love…


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  1. Beth said:

    Awe, I want a dog. You found an apartment that allows dogs???

    • Emily said:

      I actually moved back up to a different part of california (where I grew up) so I’m not in LA anymore…so I don’t have to worry about the apartment issue- that’s what kept me from getting one for so long! I live with my sister but she has animals as well so I’m taking care of him on my own. 🙂 Totally doable!

  2. Beth said:

    do you take care of the dog yourself or do you have a roommate? Just asking because I live alone and was wondering if it was doable to do on your own. (if I could find an apartment that would allow it). So bummed I don’t.

    • Emily said:

      Definitely! Thanks, Diane!

    • Emily said:

      It’s so true! Love you, lady!

  3. Floey said:

    What a cutie! Do you still have your cat? Animals definitely bring so much happiness. I moved out of LA too and wasn’t able to bring my cat so I’m hoping that I can get a small-ish animal before this year is over! Where did you move??

    • Emily said:

      I do! I have both and they’re getting along really well so far. 🙂 I moved back up to central California where I grew up and my family still lives. It was a hard decision but it was just time for me to part ways with least for now. What about you?? Do you have my number?? I’m going to message it to you on Insta so you can text me!

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