keep fighting


Keep fighting.

No matter how many times you look in the mirror and wish to see something different, keep fighting.

Health [and bliss, for that matter] truly are NOT one-size-fits-all. No single diet, workout regime or product is ever going to make you look and feel your best…if you search for health in external places, you’ll never find it. You must look inside yourself. Listen to your body and trust what tells you. Eat foods that not only taste good, they make you feel good. Find an exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly…if one day you don’t enjoy it anymore, find another one. Just because you were once ‘happy’ at a certain weight, doesn’t mean it’s the right weight for you right now. As you grow and evolve mentally, you should also grow and evolve physically. Just do what feels good.

Love your body exactly how it is today and then work to improve, not change.

Here’s to finding our own personal health…


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  1. Kelsey said:

    YES. While people think I’m going to push CrossFit on them when I talk about fitness, I don’t. I mention it, but I always tell friends it is most important to find what works for you and brings the most happiness and joy into your life. THAT is what matters. =)

    • Emily said:

      Exactly! Ahh…I’m actually so jealous that you love Crossfit. haha. I want to love it and have tried so many times, it just doesn’t work for me…I can’t even explain why. But that’s why there are so many different avenues for exercise– there’s bound to be something out there for everyone! 🙂

  2. Floey said:

    It sounds so easy to just do what feels good but sometimes we’re so influenced by outside sources we think that we have to do a certain thing, eat a certain food, or follow a certain path in life to “feel good” But you’re so right that you just have to find what works for you ❤ I'm still learning!!

    • Emily said:

      Exactly! I’ve spent a lot of my life being overly influenced by others when, in reality, we’re all sooo different…it only makes sense that what works for them, probably won’t work best for me. xo

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