legs on fire [workout]

You know what’s funny?

I love sweating.

It’s bizarre but good because I sweat a lot. No shame.

Now that I’m back at home, working at a gym and studying for my NASM certification, I get to sweat all the time and it’s freakin’ fantastic. I’ve missed working out and, more than that, I’ve missed feeling healthy and in-shape. I’ll delve into my battle with depression and it’s effects on my health & fitness journey in another post, but it has definitely played a huge role in…well, everything. I’ve put on quite a bit of weight over the past few months due to stress, anxiety, depression– I’ve been eating for comfort and as a way to cope rather than for nourishment. But it’s okay. I’M okay. And I’m finally beginning to feel what true balance is like and see the light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Pursuing my passion for helping other people get healthy has been the biggest motivator for me to get healthy again myself. And let me tell you, I’m motivated. I want to live a long, active life and I truly believe that the best way we can do is to nourishing ourselves with nutrient-dense, plant-based foods and get [at least a little bit] sweaty every day. Sounds simple enough, eh?

That being said, I’m SO pumped to start sharing workouts here again! This first one? Brutal. 🙂

ps: i dunno where that ‘text’ bubble came from but I can’t get it to go away lolz sorrrry

I wrote this up and challenged myself to 5-rounds thinking it would be “no big deal”. HA. Think again! With these 5 simple moves my legs were sore for days! I challenge you to give it a shot!

My mind has been in overdrive since making the decision to move and shift my career-focus because there are SO many things I want to do– personal training, workout e-books, online training, youtube videos…my list is ever-growing and I’m determined to do it all. Eeeek! So excited.

I can’t even begin to thank you guys enough for sticking around and supporting me for the past few years. It means more than you’ll ever know. I’m not without my faults and issues but I like to think that’s what makes me real and relate-able. I struggle too. A lot. But if I can overcome mental, physical and emotional barriers, so can you. And I sincerely hope that you’ll take on this leg of the journey with me so that we can sweat our way to our healthiest selves together.

Here’s to a little (or a lot) of sweat…


  1. I can SO relate to this. I want to actually start USING my PT certification! I want to do online training, create workout programs, and really start a business. I’d love to collaborate with you or work together to accomplish our goals because as of right now I am totally lost on where to start! 🙂

    • Emily said:

      I would love that! I definitely want to get out there and build a business as well. There is so much opportunity to connect with people right at our fingertips– it would be a shame to miss out on it!

  2. I’m so bad about lifting legs. I think it’s because I wear jeans most of the year so I’m not as concerned about them. I think this would be a great way to push myself though – leg day just hurts so bad though! Eek!

    • Emily said:

      It does! It’s brutal…but I kind of love it. haha. When my legs are sore, I feel so accomplished. I’m with you though- I almost always wear pants! (mainly because my legs are so white they glow, hahaha)

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