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My relationship with food and exercise has always been a wonky one. I tend to fall into “extremes”- whether that be a restrictive, vegan diet or eating out 24/7, over-indulging and not caring.

It has taken a long, long time for me to get comfortable with my body and stop viewing food as the enemy. The road to where I am now hasn’t been easy at all but every challenge and moment of struggle has been worth it to find the freedom that I have now and share it with you.

That being said, I’ve definitely let myself get a little toooo relaxed over the past few months and I can feel it. I have less energy and I don’t crave healthy foods like I used to…I crave carbs and sugar and all of the other junk that I’ve been eating. Not good. 

So, it’s time to pull in the reigns a little bit and find a healthier balance.

In the past, I’ve always taken extreme measures to lose weight and get in shape and I refuse to do it again. I’m going to prove to myself and, more importantly, to everyone reading this who has struggled (or is currently struggling) to find a healthy relationship with food that you can eat healthy and get in shape while still having fun. You don’t have to sit at home every night with a bowl of raw vegetables while your friends are out on the town. You don’t have to exercise for hours every day and you definitely don’t have to force yourself through workouts that you hate. It’s not all or nothing. 

I’m going to focus on nourishing my body with more nutrient-dense foods, moving a little more often and reaping the benefits of a healthy body and mind. And you better believe I’m still gonna have fun.


IMG_34541-Recently Updated2

So, who’s with me? I’m not going to make any more blogging promises because, let’s be honest, my schedule never seems to coordinate with my plans. But I’m hoping to document my progress as much as possible and use Build Your Bliss as an outlet for my discoveries, accomplishments, setbacks and to chat with all of you about your journey. After all, this blog was created on the idea of building our own personal bliss and that definitely includes a happy and healthy body.

Here’s to squats and smiles…


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  1. I hear ya! I tend to swing between the quite literal “all or nothing” when it comes to my diet. I never seem to find that balance that everyone strives for. For what its worth, I think you look bangin’!

  2. look at those GLORIOUS bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe! so proud of you sweetie and always here for you

  3. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to approach this ‘back on track’ plan in a healthy, balanced way!! You have come so far and I know how strong you’ve been in overcoming your food and exercise struggles. This is just another test that will prove how secure you are with yourself and all the progress you’ve made! Love ya girl!! ❤️

  4. Irina said:

    Soooo happy to see you back!! Please don’t leave for so long again 🙂

    I have a very “all-or-nothing” personality too and it’s made life more challenging for me in so many aspects – school, health, running, etc. Figuring out how to embrace the middle ground has been a lifelong challenge but one I’m finally slowly achieving. It seems like you’re finally getting there too, so proud of you girl! You look beautiful as always 🙂

  5. Taylor said:

    I completely relate to this as I have had a very odd relationship with food and exercise as well, having that all or nothing mentality. Just like you though I have recently tried to refocus on healthier eating and whenever I can, fit in some workouts.
    The hard thing for me is finding that balance on what to focus on. Being able to incorporate healthy eating while still going out with friends or deciding that sleep is more important than my 6 am workout class after working a closing shift.
    It seems though that you are finding that balance too and I am so incredible proud! 🙂

  6. P said:

    I also had to recently evaluate my diet due to Marathon training, and realized that even though I thought I was eating enough, I really wasn’t. I’m coming to accept that our bodies are so dynamic and that even though change is tough, we have to do things that will help us in the moment…even if it means eating way more than I’m used to because I’m running 30+ miles a week!

  7. Floey said:

    I totally feel you with struggling to find a balance that you and your body are both happy with. I feel like I still haven’t found mine. I do the same thing that you do — go to the extremes, and that’s NO way to live. I would love to follow your journey and hopefully pick up some tips. I know it’s all about balance, but that’s so hard to find. You’re a smart and beautiful girl though — I know you can do this!

  8. melliedee said:

    gah so me. I have plans to workout but then things happen and I get mad at myself. but I’m starting to tell myself it’s okay if I skip a few as long as it’s for good reason. and that I don’t let myself stop completely because of some missed workouts. live life. 🙂

  9. I love the positive and healthy mindset you have found for this! I am an all or nothing type of person too. I need to work on balance as well. I believe in you girlie ❤ Thanks for being so real and honest

  10. I’m in with ya! Keep us updated on your fitness and diet meanwhile and let us know your moods and how it goes!

  11. Wish you all the best, such an amazing goal to have! I’m with you on this. I’m on my way to a healthier and fitter life. ❤

  12. I’m most definitely an all or nothing person as well. I could really relate to a lot of what you posted on here. I’m really struggling with too much exercise + not enough calories during the day (which leads to overeating at night) – I deleted my calorie counter off my phone in hopes of not being such a slave to numbers (hoping to eat more intuitively.) I think one of the biggest things is listening to my body and knowing when to take a rest day and knowing that it’s better to eat throughout the day than one HUGE meal at 7-8PM. Keep us posted with how your journey goes 🙂 I’m hoping I can learn some from shared experiences ❤

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