30 random facts

As promised, I’m back with day 30 of Gracie’s September Blogging Challenge…

I did a similar post a few months ago but I’ll try to keep these original.

30 Random Facts:

1. On lined paper, I write directly in the middle of the line– not touching the top or bottom.

2. I haven’t had a serious boyfriend in over 3 years.

IMG_20493. I always use a planner. Always.

DSC_05614. I have Trypophobia. Super weird but true. Google it.

5. I love almond-poppyseed muffins but can’t stand lemon-poppyseed.

6. My sister and I seriously have telepathy. It’s strange and fascinating.

IMG_09907. I don’t do zumba. This girl can’t shake it like that…

8. I despise celery. Even the smell grosses me out.

9. During college, I once walked home from a party (in hollywood) barefoot. Gag.

10. Speaking of college, I studied something that I’m not even pursuing. YAY.

11. I’m horrible at texting back promptly. It’s not personal.

12. I can literally recite every line of Superstar in correct scene-sequence.

superstar-1999-mary-katherine-gallagher-kisses-tree-nun-molly-shannon-movie-review13. I also have the lyrics to Gold Digger by Kanye West memorized. Shameless.

14. I actually enjoy cooking but never have the energy for it.

15. I make my bed first thing every morning.

….whew, halfway there. 

16. I’m a sucker for Nicholas Sparks and all other teen-romance novels.

17. I will never understand society’s fascination with The Kardashians. They’re famous, why?

Kim-Kardashian-Crying18. Politics drive me crazy.

19. I believe in God but very, very rarely go to church.

20. Give me a bag of white-cheddar popcorn, blink, and it will be gone.

21. After eating fish last month, I’m reconsidered abandoning my vegetarianism. Post soon.

22. I can justify any purchase if it’s on sale. No self control.

23. I secretly want to move to another country. Ireland, perhaps?


24. I’ve never been camping.

25. I don’t have a coffee pot right now and it’s death…but I’m raking in the Starbucks stars.

26. As a kid, I always dreamed of having my own cubicle and paper-shredder.

27. My mom’s homemade mac & cheese will always be my ultimate comfort food.

28. I struggle with anxiety. Not fun.

29. Working full-time for a magazine (as an editor, hopefully) is my ultimate dream job.

30. My family is weird, awkward, totally unconventional and absolutely perfect.

IMG_0174 IMG_0254

There you have it. Way more than you probably ever wanted to know about me. If any of you took part in Gracie’s challenge, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to go back and lurk through your random facts. I’m planning to join in for October in this “recap” format as well. Can’t wait.

Here’s to hoping that October shines a lot brighter than September…


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  1. Mary said:

    I’m slightly OCD and your not touching the lines on line paper would probably drive me crazy!
    I’m also the worst texter-backer though and I would love to work full time for a magazine.

  2. We seriously have so much in common. #4 (didn’t know that was such a thing but IT’S SO ME AND IT CREEPS ME OUT), 15, 17, 18, 19, 23, and 28 are ON POINT. And speaking of Zumba I took a cardio hiphop class last night at my gym which is basically like Zumba and I always feel so awkward doing those types of dance moves but I honestly had a blast and it made me smile, haha. I don’t think I could ever see myself teaching a class like that though….

  3. I love posts like these! And I’m glad I finally found someone who feels the same way I do about celery…even the smell makes we want to vomit! I also will never understand the whole Kardashian thing…they annoy the crap out of me!

  4. Irina said:

    Ok it’s official…we’re long-lost sisters. It’s as if I could’ve written this myself! Oh and I’m also absolutely horrible, HORRIBLE, at texting! I’m that person who texts back days later…bad I know. And politics, nope just nope. Don’t even get me started on clothes shopping. I have ways to justify any purchase, whether it’s on sale or not. Shopaholics forever!

    P.S. you look great 🙂 happy to hear everything is going well, being busy is a good thing!

  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17 omg omg omg YES i just wanna hug you simply for THAT itself hahahahaha. and I know Irina already told you that YOU two were long lost sisters, but we are. WE ARE.

  6. P said:

    I have gone to Zumba classes before, but to say I have gotten a workout from them would be a lie since I can’t
    “shake it like that” as well, haha.

    I have to wonder the same thing about the celebrity behind the Kardashians…why??

    September was a great month, and I’m so shocked by how quickly it flew by! I hope October will be just as exciting, if not more 😀 !

  7. I’ll never understand why the Kardashians are famous either – especially Kim & Kris. I find them so unlikeable! They are so arrogant and it only seems to have gotten worse as they continue to become more and more well-known. So weird.

  8. Kelsey said:

    I LOVE THIS. Random facts posts are always my favorite. Kardashians? I don’t get it either. October should be fun, as I’m going to join in, too! Just like you, though, it will most likely be bundled into a few posts, which I like!

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