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Where do I even start?

I’ve been promising an update post for months now and have been putting it off for a variety of reasons. At this point, so much has happened that recapping it all would be lengthy, boring and unnecessary – dwelling on the past is exhausting and accomplishes nothing.

The past 90+ days have been exciting, overwhelming, eye-opening, liberating and stressful (among other things) and have taught me more about myself than I ever could have imagined.

As most of you know, my editorial internship recently turned into a part-time position that I couldn’t be more thankful for. I would love nothing more than to pursue a career in journalism and work for a magazine or digital publication of some sort. I’ve fallen head over heels for this industry.

Along with that new position, I took on a second job a few months ago in a different field that had always interested me. It was fun, exciting and completely different than anything I had ever done. It allowed me to leave my serving job and I finally felt like I was wearing my “big girl shoes”.

I was on top of the world.

It was only a matter of weeks before everything started crumbling beneath me. I began to realize how difficult maintaining two jobs that require a physical, mental and emotional investment is. 40+ hours a week plus 25+ hours a week began to take its toll and stress and anxiety set in.

058a77ab9fcaa861bf2e090df848bd68Admitting defeat is nearly impossible for me. I’ve always prided myself on being able to work hard, stay balanced and deliver better-than-average results. This time…I couldn’t do it. 

When fleeting moments of stress manifested into anxiety attacks and nervous-breakdowns, I knew. Work had taken over my life and I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t do it all. Something had to give.

Which brings me to today. As of next week, I’ll be back to working one career-focused job and picking up shifts at the restaurant a few nights a week. Do I feel like I took 2 steps forward and 5 steps back? Sometimes. Am I embarrassed that I couldn’t handle it all? A little bit. But I made a choice that allows me to focus whole-heartedly on what I’m passionate about and that’s okay.

The past 3 months brought me back to the idea that Build Your Bliss was founded on; happiness.

It isn’t one-size-fits-all. Life will forever be throwing curveballs and we have to decide whether we want to swerve out of the way or reach out and catch them. You have the power so don’t you ever, ever feel ashamed of the path you choose. You deserve a life filled with happiness and, to achieve that, you must first discover thing things that bring you joy. So, try everything, take chances, make mistakes and then use what you learn to build a world of bliss that you’re truly excited to live in.

IMG_2126Here’s to rediscovering our happy again…


As promised, I’m back with day 30 of Gracie’s September Blogging Challenge…

I did a similar post a few months ago but I’ll try to keep these original.

30 Random Facts:

1. On lined paper, I write directly in the middle of the line– not touching the top or bottom.

2. I haven’t had a serious boyfriend in over 3 years.

IMG_20493. I always use a planner. Always.

DSC_05614. I have Trypophobia. Super weird but true. Google it.

5. I love almond-poppyseed muffins but can’t stand lemon-poppyseed.

6. My sister and I seriously have telepathy. It’s strange and fascinating.

IMG_09907. I don’t do zumba. This girl can’t shake it like that…

8. I despise celery. Even the smell grosses me out.

9. During college, I once walked home from a party (in hollywood) barefoot. Gag.

10. Speaking of college, I studied something that I’m not even pursuing. YAY.

11. I’m horrible at texting back promptly. It’s not personal.

12. I can literally recite every line of Superstar in correct scene-sequence.

superstar-1999-mary-katherine-gallagher-kisses-tree-nun-molly-shannon-movie-review13. I also have the lyrics to Gold Digger by Kanye West memorized. Shameless.

14. I actually enjoy cooking but never have the energy for it.

15. I make my bed first thing every morning.

….whew, halfway there. 

16. I’m a sucker for Nicholas Sparks and all other teen-romance novels.

17. I will never understand society’s fascination with The Kardashians. They’re famous, why?

Kim-Kardashian-Crying18. Politics drive me crazy.

19. I believe in God but very, very rarely go to church.

20. Give me a bag of white-cheddar popcorn, blink, and it will be gone.

21. After eating fish last month, I’m reconsidered abandoning my vegetarianism. Post soon.

22. I can justify any purchase if it’s on sale. No self control.

23. I secretly want to move to another country. Ireland, perhaps?


24. I’ve never been camping.

25. I don’t have a coffee pot right now and it’s death…but I’m raking in the Starbucks stars.

26. As a kid, I always dreamed of having my own cubicle and paper-shredder.

27. My mom’s homemade mac & cheese will always be my ultimate comfort food.

28. I struggle with anxiety. Not fun.

29. Working full-time for a magazine (as an editor, hopefully) is my ultimate dream job.

30. My family is weird, awkward, totally unconventional and absolutely perfect.

IMG_0174 IMG_0254

There you have it. Way more than you probably ever wanted to know about me. If any of you took part in Gracie’s challenge, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to go back and lurk through your random facts. I’m planning to join in for October in this “recap” format as well. Can’t wait.

Here’s to hoping that October shines a lot brighter than September…


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Well, I guess it’s about time for me to prove I’m still alive, blame my lack of blogging on a crazy schedule, actually post something and then disappear again…hmph.

It’s annoying, I know, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for everyone who has stuck around. I want to say that I’ll be back to blogging more regularly soon but I can’t promise it. I’m just crossing my fingers that the stars align and I’m able to give Build Your Bliss more attention again soon.

For now, I’m back with the second half of Gracie’s September Blogging Challenge— you didn’t think I’d quit halfway through, did you? And if someone could please explain to me how it’s already October, it would be greatly appreciated. Kthanksbye.

september-blogging-challenge12. Favorite Quote

891e145cf48381c25269df13f3a51d1413. Guilty Pleasures

peanut butter, gossip girl, wine, jewelry, carbs, reality television


1-Pictures14. Why I Blog

It’s my creative outlet– cliche but true– my little escape from the world around me. It’s my opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings, connect with people around the world who can relate and [hopefully] inspire and help a few people along the way. I’ve missed blogging…a lot.

15. Favorite TV Shows

Project Runway, Gossip Girl (RIP), The Hills (RIP), Full House, Parenthood, Shark Tank

16. Makeup-less Monday 

IMG_205817. Day In The Life: Part II

wake up, pee, brush teeth, gym, coffee, breakfast, work, snack, work, lunch, work, walk/hike, read/TV, dinner, tea, collapse…I know, the excitement is overwhelming.

18. Thankful Thursday

my family & friends and the beautiful world of opportunity that surrounds us

IMG_198219. Link Love: Favorite Blogs

There are so many that I don’t even know where to begin. All of my blogging friends inspire me on a daily basis and there’s no possible way I could play favorites. Take a look at the amazing ladies who always comment on my sporadic posts, that’s a good start.

20. A Good Cause

The Trevor Project

21. Outfit of the Day: Part II

Today I wore jeans and a black tank top so here’s a recent (slightly more exciting) ensemble

2-IMG_187022. Song on Repeat

Riptide by Vance Joy

23. Something I Want to Learn

How to sew & how to play the guitar

24. Favorite Exercise

Lifting weights & walking…never underestimate the power of a good walk.

25. Current Book

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzatrick

26. 5 Favorite Hobbies

writing, hiking, reading, blogging, shopping (does that count?)

27. Celebrity Crush

Chase Crawford. I mean…

Chace-Crawford-1128. 10 Things That Make Me Happy

happy people, delicious food, accomplishing something, organization, travel, a good cuddle session, time with family & friends, hard work, surprises and surprising other people, exercise endorphins

3-Posted Content29. 5 Favorite Foods

bread, fruit (all kinds), white cheddar popcorn, pita chips + hummus, sweet potatoes (all forms)

30. 30 Random Facts

(coming tomorrow!)

Here’s to finding our ‘happy’…


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