Monthly Archives: September 2014

When I saw Gracie’s September Blogging Challenge a few weeks ago, I immediately wanted to join in on the fun. I adore her blog and thought the challenge would be a great way to hold myself accountable and post more regularly…so much for that. Better late than never, right?


1. September Goal(s)

Grow; mentally, physically, emotionally. Work hard. Let go. Have fun. Smile endlessly.

2. Recent Accomplishment

Officially being a published writer. Unbelievable.


3. Favorite Fashion Trend(s)

Statement watches, white (after labor day). My ‘favorite trends’ never change…

2-blogging challenge1

4. Thankful Thursday

Family, friends, every amazing person in my life.

5. 5 Summer Highlights

Being hired as the web editor for (eee!), moving into my new apartment, 4th of July, California Wedding Day’s Best of Bride Event, ending my amazing 2 1/2 years as a waitress


CWDAwards-BrianLeahyPhoto-0604IMG_17236. 6 Fall Excitement-Inducers

What is this ‘fall’ you speak of? If LA had seasons, I would be excited about sweaters, boots, gloomy days, lazy mornings, warm drinks and an endless supply of comfort food


7. 7 Improvements

Laugh more, worry less, take risks, learn to trust, live in the moment, show gratitude, be patient

8. 8 Loves (about myself)

Work ethic, humor, smile, handwriting, height, laugh, writing style, eyes


1-blogging challenge

10. A Day In The Life

Wake up, pee, gym, shower, coffee, work, breakfast, work, lunch, work, friends, dinner, tea, crash

11. Make A Wish

I wish to bring light into the lives of everyone I meet & make them smile. All I ever want.

1-blogging challenge1-001

Have you joined the challenge? If not, do it. Kthanksbye.

Here’s to smiling a little more every day…


I don’t want to jinx it, but I feel like I’ve finally figured out what works for my skin.

I went from having average high school acne, to dealing with super dry skin, to battling consistent pimples on my chin and forehead. Bleh. Not only was it frustrating, it was also exhausting trying to stay one step ahead of my ever-changing face.

Settling into a healthy, balanced lifestyle seems to have made a bigger difference than anything in terms of my skin. It’s amazing what consistently nourishing your body, eating a wide variety of foods and exercising regularly can do. Sure, I still eat a lot of “bad skin” foods (ahem, chocolate, chips and wine…) but nobody’s perfect and I’m not willing to give those up. #sorrynotsorry

I absolutely swear by the products I’ve been using over the past few months. Some are drugstore and some are high-end (aka: slightly expensive) but, considering I only get one face, I’m willing to invest.


Current Skincare Routine:


Clean & Clear Cleanser –> Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream –> Alchimie Protective Morning Cream



Simple Cleansing Wipes –> Alchimie Purifying Cleanser –> SkinOwl Eye+ –> Kypris Antioxidant Dew


Once A Week

No makeup.

Yep. For the past few months I’ve been trying to go one day every week with zero makeup. It tends to happen on lazy days where I’m not working or at an event (obviously) but I don’t force myself to hide indoors. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I don’t mind going out fresh-faced. It’s kind of liberating, actually. My skin absolutely loves it and I wake up the next day feeling completely refreshed.



What are your favorite skincare products? Are you comfortable going out sans-makeup?

Here’s to taking care of our fabulous faces…