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I’ve resurfaced from the depths of insanity…yet again. I’ll save the sob story (…there isn’t one) and apologies and skip right into the good stuff. Yesterday, I made the executive decision (while under the influence of coffee) to start filming videos. While I may not have the time or energy to sit down and write posts, I can definitely whip out my phone or camera and document whatever may be happening in my life. Is that awkward? Slightly. Or maybe that’s just me. But it’s worth a shot, eh?

Now that you’ve listened to me ramble for 4+ minutes, I’ll bombard you with photos. A lot happened over the past few weeks; I got drunk ‘celebrated America’, moved into my first solo-apartment, started exercising again– minimal cardio, lots of weights, ate good food (duh), and managed to squeeze in a 24-hour trip to visit my family and get my hair done. Cue picture vomit.

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Here’s to a happy, healthy life…


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  1. Taylor said:

    I love the video blog idea!! It will most definitely be easier than sitting down and writing a post (I completely understand not wanting to be in front of a screen when your work day in in front of one).
    CONGRATS on the new place!! It looks so adorable and has to be such an amazing feeling being on your own!
    Also obsessed with your fourth of july party top, and speaking of fourth 🙂 it looks like you had so much fun!!
    So glad you are doing well, Emily!! ❤

    • Emily said:

      Of all people, I knew you would understand that!

      Being on my own is definitely amazing…takes some getting used to though! I still find myself tip-toeing around and then remembering that I don’t have to. haha.

      And thank you! The top and bralette were both from Free People (of course). I have a problem. haha. Can’t wait for you to be out here so we can go out and have fun together!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this Em!! The vlogs are such a fun idea! Can’t wait to see and hear more from you! BTW, your new apartment looks so cute! Glad you had a good time celebrating the 4th and we’re able to sneak in a quick trip to visit your parents! Always a good thing. 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!!

      I’m planning to post a video apartment-tour in the next week or so. Hope you’re doing well! xo

  3. Floey said:

    Feeling super special that I was subscribed to your vlog channel before hand 😛 Looks like you had an amazing weekend and glad to see that you’re glowing!

    • Emily said:

      LOL! That seriously made my day!

      Let me know when you’re back in LA! xo

      • Floey said:

        Will do! Can’t wait 😀

  4. Your hair looks great and congrats on the new place! 🙂 So exciting. Also, it looks like you had a great fourth weekend! Super festive!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!!

      Hope you had a fun 4th as well. 🙂

  5. Ashley said:

    Your new apartment looks perfect! I hope you’re enjoying living alone so far (: I love the idea of vlogs too! I always want to do something like that, but it always feels a little awkward. But you’ve inspired me to give it a try!

  6. You’re so adorable. That is all. What is that Starbucks drink on the bottom? Looks SO good! ps- LOVE the new apartment.

  7. Irina said:

    Yessss to vlogs!! I’m so glad you posted one…I always love hearing bloggers in real life 🙂 You’re too cute I can’t even handle it. I’m glad everything is going well and you’re enjoying all your jobs despite the craziness that can come from 3 (!) jobs.

    PS – congrats on the new apartment! Solo living is a game-changer.

  8. P said:

    Love the vlog idea! I find it amazing how you are working three jobs all at once, and find them all to be enjoyable! Glad you had an amazing 4th of July weekend too 🙂

  9. I love awkward! And yes! Finally hearing your voice! So pretty! haha … please be careful while driving!! I’ve always wanted to vlog but scared because I feel weird talking to myself! haha

    3 jobs?! yikes!! Sounds grand though. You get to meet a LOT of new people! But you must be drained once in a while.

    Love your top in the American flag picture!! And the fact you get some fun time in. You’re great at managing your time! And I obviously spoke too soon about the whole apartment pictures thing. LOVE your bedroom. 🙂

    p.s. that pug! haha so adorable!

    p.s.s. I love you the next day and the next day and forever and ever and ever! hahaha

  10. And this is why we need to skype again soon. There’s so much going on in your life it’s hard to stay up to date. I’m repeating myself but it’s really impressive how you manage to work all of your jobs and still have an active social life. Go you!
    Oh, and: You’re adorable so yes to more vlogs. (:

  11. Awkward?! Whaaaaat?!? Girl! You’re freaking adorable! And I totally support the idea of more vlogs 😀 That’s actually something I keep meaning to get into, but ugh… camera shyness! I’m slowly working up the nerve, though, so hopefully it’ll happen soon because it’s so awesome to put a voice to a face 🙂

  12. Kelsey said:

    Definitely super excited to watch this vlog journey! I loved the video and definitely think it was NOT awkward – it seemed so YOU! And your apartment is adorable. I love it.

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