favorites: june 2014

Whew. This month

The past 30 days are kind of a blur. From finding a new apartment and preparing for my move (this weekend!) to starting a new job and dealing with major car issues, a lot has happened. Everything is coming together though and I’m so excited about this new, unexpected chapter. Life is beautiful. 

June 2014 Favorites: 

Fashion & Beauty:

outfit repeating // tank tops // natural makeup // messy buns // bright nails // not shopping (at all)

June Favorites

Food & Fitness:

snack bars // the stair master // squats // mimosas // salad bars // new cafes // sweet potato fries

DSC_0528June Favorites-001IMG_0653IMG_0654June Favorites-004


working (a lot) // home decor shopping // reading // organization // sleeping in // family visits

June Favorites-002IMG_0668June Favorites-003


Another month filled with an assortment of amazing memories.

I hope you’ll forgive me for my lack of posting this month. With both my magazine internship and PR job being computer-based, it’s hard for me to stare at the screen any longer than necessary. But I’m definitely not going anywhere. I love Build Your Bliss and I’m so thankful for all of the friendships and opportunities that have resulted from it. Thank you for sticking with me.

Here’s to a month of change…


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  1. Beth said:

    Emily, you never did come back from that original post and update us on why the move. Have missed your blog posts.

    • Emily said:

      It was just time to move on. I’ve been in my current apartment for almost 4 years and I was ready to have a place of my own (no roommate)

      Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging more soon!

  2. you’re looking better than ever love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 i am so proud of you! june was the best 😀 good lucky with the move! i will be thinking of you

    • Emily said:

      Aw, thank you!

      And good luck with YOUR move! So excited for you. 🙂

  3. Taylor said:

    OMG where do I even begin?! How exciting that you are moving THIS weekend! I need to hear more info (and will text you again soon because I have an update too 🙂 ) I am also so happy for you with these new job opportunities that have come up for you! That feeling as though everything is coming together has to be so incredible exciting and comforting!
    I have been dying for a good book lately…I need to make the time again for it, any recommendations?
    So glad everything has been going well and hopefully I will SEE you sooner rather than later! ❤

    P.S. I hope you car situation isn't as horrible as it sounded!! AHHH

    • Emily said:

      I swear, your comments always make my day. I’m going to try to text you tomorrow so we can catch up– I’m dying to hear your update!

      And yes! I have book suggestions! I tend to lean towards young-adult fiction (silly, I know) but if you don’t mind that, I’ll pass some along!


  4. I love Starbucks nuts. My favourite is the pumpkin and cayenne one? I really need to learn the name of it… And a mimosa can never be a bad thing. ever.

    • Emily said:

      Um, what? How have I never heard of the pumpkin and cayenne variety. Must find that asap!

      And I agree…mimosas are always, always acceptable. 🙂

  5. P said:

    Congrats on no shopping! And that pizza?! Are there seriously tofu blocks on it? YUM!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!

      And the pizza was actually a vegan bbq-chicken pizza from Lyfe Kitchen! They use Gardein products and oh my goodness…so good. Look on their website and see if you’re close to one– it’s my new favorite place!

  6. Pamela said:

    Best wishes to you with your upcoming month of change. Change is good and you have such promise ahead!

  7. Ashley said:

    Ahhh now I’m craving sweet potato fries even more! Specifically the ones at Native Foods. I really need to live somewhere that has one nearby.

    Big kudos to you on no clothes shopping! That’s an area where I really struggle, especially in the summer when I want to buy everything. But it does wonders for my budget when I hold off!

    • Emily said:

      I swear, I’m always craving sweet potato fries. Always. And the ones from Native Foods are the best! Along with the ones from the restaurant where I work…which is dangerous.

      Ahh…the no shopping is killing me. But every time I go to buy something I think about all of the expenses that come along with moving and I can’t bring myself to do it!
      You do really well with budgeting your food shopping though which I’m horrible about!

  8. Sweet potato fries are the best! Also Lionel + adorable. And not worries on being busy. It happens to the best of us! xoxo

  9. Floey said:

    So happy for your success this month!! Where did you search for jobs when you were looking?? I’m always confused as to where and how to job search for things, especially in LA…

  10. I know what you mean with the whole computer based job. Being in data management for an oil company all I do is look at screens .. then again for my graphic design stuff. It’s so hard to stare at a computer screen any longer. Hoping that’ll change now with my new updates!! Hoping you do an apartment picture. Love those!

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