This. This is the chilling truth.

Our time is so limited…so precious…and yet we continually wish it all away in a search for comfort. We live with a false assumption that happiness lies in tomorrow or the next day. It doesn’t. It never will. Happiness is within us right this second, we must simple learn to feel it.

Here’s to treasuring today…


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  1. P said:

    You are so right. This is chilling, but needs to be said and shared. There were so many days in my past where I tried to “get through the day” hoping the next day or weekend or holiday would be better and bring comfort, but oftentimes, it was a bigger letdown because those supposedly better days never turned out to be as great as I wanted them to be.

    There is no better moment than now! 🙂

  2. Ashley said:

    There’s something to be said for truly enjoying each day to the fullest and not necessarily waiting for a certain day in the future! Every day really is a gift ❤

  3. Taylor said:

    So so true!!

  4. That’s definitely me. Need to stop thinking that way but sometimes a day or week goes so terribly you just can’t wait for the next day. *sigh*

    Ps. This is Melissa from Al Forno Mementos! … I updated my blog do Mellie Dee so it’s all new. Hope you still continue following my blog!

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