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This. This is the chilling truth.

Our time is so limited…so precious…and yet we continually wish it all away in a search for comfort. We live with a false assumption that happiness lies in tomorrow or the next day. It doesn’t. It never will. Happiness is within us right this second, we must simple learn to feel it.

Here’s to treasuring today…


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Routine used to be my best friend.

Every day was planned, calculated and executed in a particular way. I always woke up at the same time, did the same workouts, ate the same meals, worked the same hours, and made sure I was home early enough and in bed when the clock striked 9. I lived my life on repeat. Why? Because it was comfortable. I feared the unknown and thrived off of the safety my routine provided.

Looking back, I can’t believe it. I have very few vivid memories from that time in my life because there was nothing to remember. Everything was the same.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened but, somewhere along the way, I realized that I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I wanted freedom from the monotony. Like waking up from a really long, bad dream, I began to see clearly again and rediscovering the beautiful world that I’d forgotten.


Do I eat a perfect, balanced diet? Hell no. Do I work out as often as I used to? Negative. Have I gained weight? Yep. Do things get messy sometimes? You bet. Do I always get the recommended 8-hours of sleep? HA. But do those things that make me irresponsible? No. They make me human.

We’re conditioned to believe that ‘perfection’ is synonymous with ‘success’. It’s not. The only measure of success is your happiness and the only judge of that is you. Stop convincing yourself that you’re not good enough, smart enough, healthy enough, etc. You are. Get out there and own it.

Here’s to waking up…


I’m alive. Promise.

This is the longest ‘break’ I’ve taken from blogging since Build Your Bliss began over a year ago and, I assure you, It was far from intentional. Like I mentioned in my last two posts, things have been a little crazy over here and my head is forever spinning. But you know what? I’m happy. Really happy.

I also hinted at a few potential changes that I didn’t want to share until they were confirmed…

1. I’m moving

2. I got [another] job

I’ll delve into more detail about each in a future post but I figured it was about time I share the news. I’m not leaving LA, merely moving into an apartment of my own. Ah! Words cannot explain how excited I am. The job opportunity presented itself completely unexpectedly and, after one short week, I can say that I absolutely love it. I’m now working part-time as an account executive for a beauty and lifestyle PR company….along with my internship for the magazine and job at the restaurant. Whew.

And with all that being said, cue the picture vomit…

IMG_04272-Still Kicking1IMG_0471IMG_0452IMG_04891-Still KickingIMG_05493-Still Kicking2Randomness at its finest. I spent a few days in Manhattan Beach, a few days with my sister, and the rest of the time running around between jobs. If you had told me a year ago that I’d be doing all of this today, I would have called you crazy and walked the other way. None of this was ever part of my “plan” and I think that’s what makes it so perfect. It all just sort of happened.

Here’s to loving the crazy…


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Remember how I mentioned that everything seems to happen at once? It’s still happening.

After having a mile long to-do list all week, I finally feel like I’m [mostly] caught up on everything. I promise I’ll have more details to share soon and I’ll be back to my regular scheduled blogging asap. For now, I have two days off from my day job and I’m heading out for an overnight escape.


Here’s to the beauty of a little rest…