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Is it just me, or does everything always seem to happen at once? Anyone? Bueller…Bueller…?

It never ceases to amaze me. I’ll be at a stand-still for [what feels like] forever and then…bam! Chaos. I’m not complaining– far from it actually. This chaos is bringing a handful of changes and opportunities that I couldn’t be more excited about. I’m extremely superstitious (#sorrynotsorry) so I won’t be sharing details until things are set in stone. Until then, I managed to scrape together a quick favorites post for the month of May. Excuse my lack of pictures, I promise to do better next month…

Favorites: May 2014:

Fashion & Beauty: 

shorts // white nails // converse (duh) // perfume // natural hair // sunglasses // strapless bras

3-Build Your Bliss10-002DSC_0341

Food & Fitness

weight lifting // almond milk lattes // breakfast // no cardio // triscuits & pb // sangria // grilled cheese

IMG_03561-Build Your Bliss10


spontaneity // coffee dates // family // making (big) changes // seeking out opportunities // writing

IMG_0329IMG_03972-Build Your Bliss10-001And now we make our way into June which means we’re nearly half-way through 2014. Whatthehell?

Here’s to making the days count…


When was the last time you had fun? No, really…

Sometimes I think adults are conditioned to think that “fun” is synonymous with “immature”. Or that time spent doing something unproductive is merely time wasted. Why is that?

Sure, we’re grown-ups with responsibilities but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. Building true personal bliss is a matter of finding a balance between work and play. It’s knowing how to focus and then knowing it’s okay to take a break and let your hair down. It’s filling out your weekly agenda and then pushing it aside to be spontaneous. It’s striving to always put your best foot forward and then taking every opportunity to kick off your shoes and dance. It’s finishing your work and then doing something completely unrelated brings you joy. It’s nurturing friendships. It’s laughing. It’s smiling.


I’ve missed out on so many opportunities in my lifetime by making the “responsible” choice and staying home, working later, getting sleep, etc. Is that wrong? Not necessarily. But it’s also not right. This is my life. My one life. I want it to be filled with work and play. Isn’t that how it should be?

Here’s to never, ever being ashamed of fun…


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Job interviews. They’re unpredictable, nerve-racking, and generally awkward.

Depending on the type of job and position you’re applying for, each interview will be different and giving advice for every possible scenario would be impossible. But there are a few rules of etiquette that should always be abided by and will help you make the best first impression possible.

1. Do your research 

Make sure you’re knowledgeable about the company and the position you’re applying for.

2. Dress appropriately 

This all depends on the type of job you’re interviewing for. If you’re unsure, always air on the side of being more professional. Stick with solid colors and office-appropriate styles. If the job doesn’t require a uniform, wear something similar to what you’d wear if you were hired. Always avoid baggy clothes, excessive layers, and flashy jewelry. Makeup and hair should be sleek, simple, and fresh.


3. Arrive on-time

Never late and no more than 10 minutes early. You don’t want the interviewer to feel rushed.

4. Bring a resume, paper, and pen

It’s best to have two copies of your resume (just in case) along with a paper and pen for jotting down notes. Keep your resume clean and relevant– in other words, don’t include jobs that have nothing to do with the position you’re applying for. If possible, limit it to one page and make sure it’s well-organized. Need help? Resumizer has great free downloadable resume templates.

5. Turn off your phone

Just do it. You do not want to be the person who’s phone goes off in the middle of an interview.

5. Be yourself 

Smile, maintain good posture and exude confidence. Don’t turn on the phony “charm” or be overly-enthusiastic. Simply be honest and present the most genuine version of yourself.


6. Be prepared to answer: 

-Tell me a little about yourself
What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
What experience do you have that qualifies you for this position?
Tell me about a time that you made a mistake. How did you handle it?
Why do you want this job?

7. Say thank you

Always, always, always thank the interviewer (and anyone else you talked to) for their time and consideration. Ask when you should expect to hear from them and don’t follow up until then. After the interview, mail over a brief thank-you note to show your appreciation. Little things like that leave a lasting impression and will set you apart when they’re looking to hire people in the future.

Think about it this way– interviewers want to hire you. They want to find the perfect person for the position so that they won’t have to search anymore. So, don’t stress and have fun. You got this. 

Here’s to the perfect interview…


I finally did it. On Sunday afternoon, I drove right past my favorite local juice bar, came home, and broke out the juicer that has been collecting dust for months years. I know it’s much more cost-efficient to make my own juices but laziness always gets the best of me. Until Sunday.

After cleaning off said neglected juicer, I scoured my kitchen for ingredients and got to work. The result was like sunshine in a glass. The perfect balance of sweet and tart and jam-packed with nutrients. And cheap. Really cheap. Although anything seems cheap compared to $8 per 16oz.


Green Sunshine Juice:

-3 cups fresh spinach

-1 english cucumber

-1 zucchini squash

-1 apple

-1 lemon (small)

-1/2 inch fresh ginger

Load everything into your juicer, taste, and adjust according to preference.
If you don’t have a juicer, use a blender! Blend the ingredients with 2 cups of water and strain.

What’s your favorite juice combination?

Here’s to sipping our way to health…


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Over the past few months, I’ve been tagged on a handful of different surveys and awards (thank you!) and have been meaning to do them all for…well, months. In order to not bore you a week’s worth of tag posts, I decided to combine them all together and simply share 25 facts about myself. No theme. No rhyme or reason. Just random things that you may or may not already know. Ready? Let’s go.

25 Random Emily Tidbits:

1. I love the heat. 95 degrees is my happy place.


2. I use a trenta tumbler from Starbucks for water. It’s always by my side.

3. I write everything down in my agenda. Digital calendars don’t do it for me.

4. I don’t really like avocados. Gasp.

5. I love the beach but I hate sand. Hate hate hate.


6. I used to think that I didn’t want kids but, the older I get, the more that changes.

7. I moved to LA 3 weeks after I turned 18 and never looked back.

8. I haven’t had a serious relationship in…a long time. Dating is tough stuff.

9. I have a cat who thinks he’s a dog. Yes, Lionel legitimately plays fetch.

10. I hate pencils. I never write in pencil.

11. I don’t have any desire to do Crossfit. Ever.

12. I could shop for clothes and makeup for days on end and never get bored.

13. I have yet to find a beer that I enjoy. I’m a wine-o all the way.


14. I cancelled my cable a few months ago (too expensive) and don’t miss it one bit.

15. I do my smiley faces like this… (: … always have, always will. Yours are backwards.

16. I will never understand people who are rude to waiters, baristas, etc. Not cool.

17. I love rings. They’re my favorite accessory.

18. I overuse commas. Oops.

19. I miss high school sometimes. Dances, football games, parties…those were the days.


20. I really don’t want to get old. It terrifies me.

21. I didn’t drink juices or smoothies for years and now I have at least 1 a day.


22. I go through entire boxes of cereal without touching milk. Handfuls here and there add up.

23. I desperately wish I didn’t quit piano as a child. Mom and dad, you were right.

24. I would be lost without my phone and computer. Sad but true.


25. I love blogging and writing. I don’t know what the future holds but I hope it includes both.

And that’s that! If you want to share a random tidbit post like this on your blog, please do!

Here’s to our little quirks…


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Yesterday was spent traipsing around Los Angeles with my mom and sister by my side. We pampered, shopped, lunched, and chatted non-stop for our short 6-hours together. Oh, and we may have embarrassed ourselves by laughing uncontrollably at our failed selfie attempts. Maybe.


Time spent with family is always, always, always time well spent.

Like I mentioned, we had to squeeze in a little shopping (duh) and Sephora got the best of me.


Stila Liquid Eyeliner (dark brown) // Nars Blush (orgasm) // Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (original) // Elizabeth & James Nirvana Perfume (white) // Inglot AMC Cream Concealer (64)

All of these products (minus the perfume which I couldn’t resist) are staples that I swear by which totally justifies the purchase, right? Sigh. I have no self-control. Makeup wins. I plead the fifth.

Here’s to girl’s day…


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First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your sweet, thought-provoking comments on my last post. Embracing change, breaking routine, and learning to live can be really challenging and it’s a comfort to know that we’re all on the journey together.

In other news, my smoothie obsession lives on. I initially started drinking them after my cleanse because they were convenient and delicious and recently I’ve noticed even more benefits. My skin is clearer, I have more energy without caffeine (no coffee in a week– who am I?), and my sweet-tooth hasn’t been showing her silly face quite so frequently. I’m sure it’s a phase that will pass [like many others before it] but I’m making the most of this addiction while it lasts.

This morning’s combination was a definite winner…

Berry Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie:

-1 Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt (5.3 oz.)
-1/2 cup frozen blueberries
-2/3 cup frozen strawberries
-1/2 cup cucumber (chopped)
-1 tbsp. honey
-1 tbsp. chia seeds
-1/3-1/2 cup almond milk

In the order listed, pile all ingredients in a blender. Blend. Pour. Sip. Savor. Smile.

Here’s to healthy vices…