smart shopping

I love shopping. I always have and I always will. I can remember being 12 years old and wandering stores for hours with my grandma– a fellow shopping addict. There’s just something so enthralling about it and I find fashion absolutely beautiful. In a way, it’s a creative outlet for me.

That being said, I’ve learned a lot over the years about smart shopping. After filling my closet time-and-time again with clothes that I never wore, I’ve learned what’s worth my money and what isn’t. The tips that I’ve picked up along the way have made a huge difference in my wardrobe, my bank-account, and my shopping habits. Hopefully you’ll benefit from them as well.

Shopping Tips & Tricks:

1. Define your style

Who is your style inspiration? What outfits make you feel confident and comfortable? When you walk into a store, what immediately catches your eye? It’s important that you know the answer to these questions, otherwise you could be swayed into buying items that you’ll never actually wear. Personally, I love basics, pastels, black & white, and very feminine pieces. I typically steer clear of loud patterns and too many dark colors because they just aren’t “me”.

IMG_68092.Ā Try everything on

This is so important. Clothes look completely different on a body than they do on a hanger. Plus sizing never runs exactly the same. Trying everything on saves you from making extra returns and from buying something that you don’t absolutely love.

3. Buy what you’ll wear now

If you can’t think of a specific instance within the next 2 weeks that you’ll wear something, don’t buy it. Likewise, don’t buy something that doesn’t fit in hopes of wearing it in the future. It’s not worth it.

IMG_67304. Shop with cash

Debit and credit cards are dangerous territory. Decide before you go shopping exactly how much you’re willing (and able) to spend, then withdraw that amount in cash and stick to it. Overspending can happen really, really easily and, as much as I love clothes, they aren’t worth being in debt.

5. Know your closet

Know what you have and maintain it. If you haven’t worn something in 6+ months, it’s probably time to get rid of it. Don’t buy a light pink tank top if you already have 3 hanging in your closet. Being aware of exactly what you own will ensure that you don’t waste money on unnecessary items and that you continuously rotate through everything.

1456573_566131416802238_1269611085_nHere’s to happy, practical shopping…


  1. Love your style girl! I actually hate shopping – I have to be in the mood. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove getting new things, but trying on and trying to find something I like it torture hahah

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!

      I think there are a lot of people who don’t enjoy shopping (my mom and sister being two of them!) There’s nothing wrong with that– it saves you lots of money. (:

  2. adashofmeg said:

    hahahahahahaha that quote!!!!!!!! hahahahaha i love it. oh i so wish you could shop with me. right now, after going through my closet, i know i need a white cardigan and a black cardigan!

    • Emily said:

      Isn’t it great?! haha. The company I modeled for created that image and I thought it was hilarious!

      Cardigans are the best ever. Do you have a Target in your area? That’s where I buy mine! They’re basic and inexpensive but super cute!

  3. Taylor said:

    I think I have gone shopping every weekend for the last month…I may not have bought a ton but I would qualify it as an obsession šŸ˜‰ like the others above said, we have to go shopping together!!

    • Emily said:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. (:

      When you’re in LA we’ll shop all the tiiiime!

  4. P said:

    These tips are certainly helpful! Trying on clothes is absolutely necessary, except lately whenever I shop, I don’t feel like spending time in the dressing room so I end up making no purchases :/. It does help to go shopping in sweats in that case šŸ˜‰

    • Emily said:

      Well, that saves you money at least! Once I try something on, if I love it, I have a hard time not buying it. That’s my problem! haha.

  5. Ashley said:

    I love all your shopping tips! I used to be so afraid of trying on clothes because I was obsessed with clothing sizes and I never wanted to wear a size larger than I thought I was, even if it fit better. Now I try on most things because I’d hate to waste money and time buying something that doesn’t look just right!

    • Emily said:

      Exactly! I’ve come to realize that size really doesn’t matter at all…I mean, who sees the size of your clothes? No one! If they fit good, that’s all that matters. (:

  6. Irina said:

    I love all these tips! I actually follow most of the same shopping principles as you. As much as I hate trying on clothes, it’s critical. I also spend A LOT of time in the fitting room, trying and re-trying on clothes as I narrow down what I do and don’t want to possibly buy. This is one of the reasons I prefer shopping alone…most people don’t have the patience to wait for me (except for my mom, who is the best shopping partner ever). Oh and the “know your closet bit? – YES. This is so important!

    The only difference is that I actually prefer to use a credit card because it’s easier for me to track my spending when it’s all nicely tracked in one place šŸ™‚ I find that when I use cash I don’t track it as I should because it just disappears haha. I never allow myself to overspend and would never ever have credit card debt!

    Great tips! Oh and I adore your style ā¤

    • Emily said:

      The credit card tip is actually really smart– I’ve never thought about it that way! For me, I just know that I had over a card a lot easier than I hand over cash (maybe it’s because I’m a server and all of my money comes in as cash tips?) But, I really like the way you think!

      I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one who spends ages in the fitting room! I’m the slowest shopper ever and, because of that, generally prefer to shop solo as well. It also keeps me from being talked into buying something I don’t absolutely love.

      And I adore your style as well! (:

  7. I wish i was better at smart shopping… i think i have shopping blackouts.. induced by wine once consumed, heheh šŸ™‚ I need to take the shop with cash tip! Thats great advice!

    • Emily said:

      Using cash saves me! I always think twice about spending when I’m handing over money rather than a card.

      And in my opinion, we should not be held accountable for designs made when under the influence of wine. (:

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