my uniform

If I had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of my life it would be dark jeans, a basic t-shirt layered over a lace bralette, and my favorite pair of sneakers. That’s my happy place. I come back to some version of that ensemble multiple times a week and use accessories to change it up.

To some, it’s boring. To me, it’s classic. I think it’s important for everyone to define their “uniform”. What pieces do you always gravitate towards? What outfit makes you feel sexy and confident while also being comfortable? That’s what you should build your wardrobe around. That’s your style.

IMG_6414NecklaceWatchConverseFull ShotTop: Zara // Bralette: Urban Outfitters // Black Jeans: Lucky Brand // Sneakers: Converse

Necklace: Urban Outfitters // Watch: Fossil

Here’s to embracing our own personal style…


  1. P said:

    I’m all about comfy and cute outfits! In high school I would buy certain pieces that weren’t really comfy but were trendy at the time, and in the end, they collected dust in my closet. It’s definitely more resourceful to buy quality items that make you feel comfortable when wearing them 😀

    • Emily said:

      Thats exactly what happens to me! I buy items, trying to be ‘trendy’, and never end up wearing them. I’m all for unique pieces but they have to be comfortable and reflect who we are. 🙂

  2. Irina said:

    This is totally my go-to outfit too! Dark jeans are always flattering and button-downs are just the right amount of sexiness mixed with comfiness 🙂 My converses are a classic favorite too. And don’t even get me started on basics – black and white ❤

    • Emily said:

      I totally agree! I swear we’re the same person…

  3. Katy said:

    My uniform is all black and some flashy statement jewelry. I love black and I love accessories!

    • Emily said:

      You can never have too much black!


    • Emily said:

      Thank you! I found it on clearance for $4 at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago- such a steal!

  4. Ashley said:

    I love your watch! I’ve been looking for a nice gold watch that won’t break the bank and will go with everything.

    My style has totally evolved over the past few years. I used to hate black for some reason but now I’m finally incorporating some black and white pieces into my closet. Even though I still love bright colors, some days I just like to go for a more neutral look and add in color with my accessories instead!

    • Emily said:

      I kind of love the way styles evolve over the years! I’ve always been a huge fan of neutrals (black, white, grey…) but the pieces I choose have definitely gotten simpler and more professional looking over the years. It’s all part of growing up!

      And I highly, highly recommend Fossil watches! They’re still a little pricey but waaay less than Michael Kors, for example. The quality is amazing too. (:

    • Emily said:

      Thank you! I totally agree- you can never go wrong with black & white. (:

  5. Taylor said:

    Too cute! Mine is just about the same, dark skinny jeans and a basic tshirt. I am very minimum when it come to outfits but love shoes, so that is usually where I become adventurous. And I have that same necklace!! 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Really?! Don’t you love it??

      And girl, I’m with you on shoes…they’re my weakness!

  6. squigglefloey said:

    Beautiful! I’ve been looking for a watch and definitely eye-ing some of the Michael Kors ones, but they look too big for my wrist…haha

    • Emily said:

      The Michael Kors ones are gorgeous but, you’re right, they can be really big! Have you looked at Fossil? That’s what mine is and they actually offer smaller versions of the same style. (:

  7. Lisa said:

    Love your style. Ah, how I wish we had a zara here!
    For me, I’m totally weird and feel the most comfortable in some ankle boots, a cute dress, but always adding tights or a blazer in the Winter months.

    • Emily said:

      That’s not weird at all- I love that!
      I wish I wore dresses more often. They always look beautiful on you!

  8. Kelly said:

    This necklace is so pretty – dainty and stunning!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you! I found it at Urban Outfitters for $4- can’t complain about that!

  9. Lisa said:

    Magnifique les photos ! le collier est très discret, j’aime beaucoup !

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