feelin’ 22

Monday was my 22nd birthday. I had every intention of posting a full recap filled with pictures and details on the amazing day that I had with my family and friends. The universe had other plans…

I woke up that morning feeling not-so-hot but decided to push through anyways…I kept telling myself “I can be sick tomorrow”. Ha! If only I had known. But let’s focus on my birthday first, shall we?

My mom and sister came to visit and we shopped, got our nails done, and made it over to Sprinkles to get my free birthday cupcake (which I ended up giving to my mom- le sigh). After they left, it was Shelby’s turn to spoil me and she definitely did; balloons, cake, presents, the works. I love her.

I had a reservation for dinner with about 15 of my closest friends at 8pm. I slept from 5-7pm and then was awoken by Shelby- she assured me it was “nothing a little concealer couldn’t fix”. I mustered up all of my energy, took lots of meds, put on my fancy dress, and had an amazing birthday dinner.

IMG_6137I came home around 10pm and crashed…for two days. Literally. January 7th and 8th are a giant blur of fevers, headaches, nausea, and exhaustion. Today is the first day that I actually feel human again. Do I feel good? No. But I can function and that’s a huge step in the right direction.

Despite the sickness, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this birthday. I was surrounded by so many unbelievable people that I’m lucky to call my family and friends. This birthday reminded me not to take anyone or anything for granted- my health included. Nothing is guaranteed.

Whenever you’re feeling upset, frustrated, sick…take a look around. Remember how many people love you and care about you. Remember how many people are rooting for you and want to see you succeed. Remember that the most important people will support you through good times and bad. And remember that you are worthy of happiness- you deserve it. So go ahead and embrace it.

Here’s to 22…


  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you feel better. You know your birthday lasts a week though right? So technically, it’s still your birthday. 😉

  2. carrie said:

    yay! happy bday girl. as soon as you feel better you can blast t-swift over and over again while singing to that song. it’s like a right of passage for every 22 year old girl. haha 🙂

  3. Ashley said:

    Happy birthday girlie! Being sick on your birthday–or really, any other day–is not the best thing, but trying to make the best of it is a lot better than wallowing in our sickness or sadness, so I’m really glad that you still enjoyed your birthday because you totally deserved to have that day to enjoy! I was also sick on my last birthday and it taught me that while things don’t always go as planned, we still have the power to make things better with a positive attitude!

  4. I’m glad that you had a good birthday dinner, but I’m sorry that you weren’t feeling well! 22 is a fun age — it was my “golden” birthday, so I loved it :).

  5. Being sick on your birthday should be illegal — what gives, Universe?! I’m glad to hear that you were able to push through and make the most of it, though — you’re amazing like that 🙂 I hope 22 is an amazing year for you, and that you get all the happiness you deserve and more ❤

    • Emily said:

      I agree! It’s so unfair.
      But thank you for the sweet words- I really appreciate it. And thank you for all of your constant love and support. Your [blogger] friendship means the world.
      Have a lovely weekend, Amanda. xoxo

  6. I’m glad you made the most of your birthday despite feeling so sick! I actually got sick on the day we celebrated my birthday last year and couldn’t eat my cupcake then either 😦 Sprinkles is the best so hopefully you can get another 😉

    • Emily said:

      Aww…it’s the worst isn’t it?
      I’m definitely planning to get another Sprinkles cupcake to make up for the one I missed. And maybe another cake since I didn’t get to eat any of that either. (;
      Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Teffy said:

    Happy belated birthday lovely!
    Feeling ill on your birthday is far from ideal, but at least you made it through!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

    • Emily said:

      Thank you, Teffy!
      And yep- I’m so glad I toughed it out and enjoyed the day. (:

  8. P said:

    Happy [belated] Birthday Emily!
    Sorry you had to be sick through it though :(.
    Maybe you can have a second celebration when you feel better again ;)?

    • Emily said:

      That’s exactly what I’m thinking! A little extra celebrating never hurt anyone. (:
      Thank you!

  9. dolcem said:

    Happy belated birthday, Emily! Although you were feeling ill, you are so blessed to be able to be surrounded by people who love and adore you on your special day 🙂
    Feel better beautiful!!

    • Emily said:

      I still felt SO blessed…it was amazing. (:
      Thank you so much, love!

  10. Happy [belated now] Birthday once more, gorgeous! The universe’s plans clearly weren’t fair but it didn’t count on you showing what I’d call ‘typical Emily awesomeness’ focusing on the good instead of letting the sickness get you down. I hope you’re feeling all okay again soon and that this next year of your life will be filled with many reasons for you to share your beautiful smile with the world <3! I'm glad to call you a friend.

    • Emily said:

      Aw, thank you so much!
      I’m finally starting to feel better and I’m so ready to make this year amazing. I’m extremely lucky to have sweet people like you in my life and your friendship means the world. xoxo

  11. Ugh I hate it when you catch a virus at THEE worst possible time and off course when sickness hits, it hits hard 😦 But you are such a trooper for rallying and making it to your B-day dinner! Happy Belated Birthday my dear!

    • Emily said:

      It always happens that way, doesn’t it?! Although, I’m not sure theres EVER a convenient time to get sick. It’s just horrible. But oh well- that’s life!
      Thank you so much! Have a lovely weekend. (:

  12. Taylor said:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry you weren’t feeling good on the day but maybe another round of celebrating is in order! 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Thank you, Taylor! And that’s what I was thinking…I’ll never complain about extra celebrations. (:

  13. Happy Birthday lady 🙂 I’m glad that you had a nice celebration but it stinks that you aren’t feeling well. Twenty-two was a great birthday for me too. It was the year that I met my husband 🙂 I actually met him the day after I turned twenty-two. Who knows what the year will bring you 😉

    • Emily said:

      Awww! That’s so precious! What a special birthday. (:
      I cat wait to see what 22 has in store for me!

  14. squigglefloey said:

    Happy Belated Birthday dear 🙂 You deserve the best!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you so much, lady!

  15. Irina said:

    Happy belated birthday, gorgeous!!!! 22 is an incredible age…you’re no longer in that “21 year old wildness” phase but you’re not quite feeling the need to act all adult-like and mature (although please do if you want to!). You’ve grown so much in the past year and I have a feeling this year will be one of even more exponential growth 🙂 (total nerdy comment I know). Hope you’re feeling 100% better now!

    • Emily said:

      Not nerdy at all! Thank you so much. (:
      I definitely think that 22 is going to be a huge year for me. I don’t want to jinx it but, after everything I went through last year, I’m ready for whatever life throws at me. And I’m [finally] beginning to really discover who I am and what I want which feels amazing.
      Thank you for all of your support and being a constant inspiration!

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