in defense of chubby cheeks

Reverting back to our childhood seems to be a recurring theme here on Build Your Bliss. I mean, think about it…kids are happy (much happier than adults) and they haven’t been tainted by the stress of the world. Their life is simple, their smiles are frequent, and they aren’t afraid to be confident.

So, when does that all change? What causes us to start being ashamed of the things that make us different? When does being unique become a flaw? When does confidence become a challenge?

When I was at home over the weekend, we pulled out a giant box of old pictures. We sifted through them for hours- reminiscing and laughing a lot. Let’s just say that I was quite the character…

IMG_5927The glasses, the gapped-teeth, the chubby cheeks…those are all things I look back on now and think “wow, how embarrassing…” But why? I don’t remember ever feeling ashamed back then. I wasn’t. I was happy. I loved my glasses and I thought it was really cool that I could practically fit a tic-tac between my two front teeth. I had my family, I had friends, and I had fun every single day of my life.

I want to go back to that. We all deserve to go back to that. Truly loving ourselves is the biggest [and most difficult] step in building our own personal bliss. It doesn’t mean that we’re perfect- there will always be things we want to improve- but it means that we’re confident in the people we are today.

So, let’s stop changing ourselves to fit the mold. Let’s be the quirky, awkward, real people that we were meant to be. Let’s channel that childhood confidence we once had and not spend one more day wishing our ‘flaws’ away. Let’s just be the best versions of ourselves and enjoy the ride.

Here’s to the awkward years…


  1. Oh my lord adorable!! Now I want to post pictures of baby me. Although I don’t know if the internet world could handle my bangs and chubby face 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Please do! I love seeing other people’s adorable baby pictures! xoxo

  2. P said:

    If anything, I think we’re more adorable than awkward as kids! I love looking through old pictures/home videos/old school projects…haha.

    • Emily said:

      I agree! Looking back on ourselves as awkward kids is hilarious- I love it!

  3. adashofmeg said:

    omg! such a beautiful post! i am sobbing! love you, my soul sis

    • Emily said:

      Aw! Thank you, Meg! And thank you for sharing it on Twitter- that made my day!

    • Emily said:

      Lol! It’s so funny- almost every Emily I’ve ever met had a gap between their two front teeth!
      Thank you, lady!

  4. You were so precious! I had the same gap which I hated, but it turned out to work out in my favor since I never needed braces.

    • Emily said:

      You never needed braces?! I’m so jealous! That stupid gap was the ONLY reason I needed braces- when my adult teeth came in, they had a gap too. haha

  5. LOVE THIS. I completely agree. I miss that carefree mindset I used to have as a child. No stress, no pressure. Just enjoying and truly LIVING life everyday. I rocked a similar gapped tooth-chubby cheeked look and never had a care in the world about it. All I considered everyday was how I could have the most fun possible! Here’s to returning to that in some way. I think it could do us all some good!

    • Emily said:

      It’s so crazy to look back on, isn’t it?
      I definitely think it would do us all some good to revisit that mindset. (:

  6. I have, and always have had, chubby cheeks. It’s probably one of my biggest insecurities. But you’re right, why shouldn’t I love them? They make me real. They make me, me. I appreciate this post so much. Accepting our unique traits can sometimes feel like being vulnerable. But, being vulnerable and real leads to a much more fulfilling life!

    • Emily said:

      It can definitely feel like being vulnerable and that’s really, really scary. But the more we learn to love our little quirks, the more other people will love them too. (:

  7. Taylor said:

    True, so very true! Back to the day where we were carefree and love ourselves as we are. For me at least I can look back and see the time where things changed, I so desperately would love to go back to that time. 2014 year of confidence, strength and belief in ourselves 🙂 xo

    • Emily said:

      YES! Cheers to that. (:

  8. Ashley said:

    I completely agree! We should all be more like our childhood selves, and I really miss those days when things were so simple and everything was fun. Oh, and I love the whole Throwback Thursday trend–it’s really fun to see what we all looked like as kids! I definitely had some ‘awkward’ moments–I rocked the short hair for quite a few years and I had big front teeth, but I was never self-conscious about how I looked or anything, which is what I miss the most.

    • Emily said:

      That’s what I miss the most too. I hate that we lose that freedom and confidence as we get older. It sounds like you were adorable!

  9. I definitely had a huge gap between my two front teeth thanks to an expander and retainer I had to wear for my cross-bite in elementary school.

    I think about it ALL the time how I wish to go back to my childhood when everything was so much more simple. What I would give for just one day of no worrying, and just living. It would be blissful (pun-intended ;)).

    • Emily said:

      Love the pun. (:
      And I’m with you…I miss those simple days. But that’s just all the more reason for us to make the most of what our lives are now!

  10. Love love love this!! I am a firm believer that if you really want to figure out who you are as a person, look back at you childhood dreams/hobbies/etc. I’ve said it before too – adulthood taints us and often covers up our true persona with what the world deems as “proper”. Not to mention, I certainly miss those carefree days when the only worry was whether it would be warm enough to go to the pool and the only big decision was what to do for the day 🙂 To be young again…

    Great post!

    • Emily said:

      Ohhh, to be young again…
      Thankfully, we have the power to get back to that way of thinking sometimes. It isn’t always easy/possible but it’s worth it when we can. xoxo

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