a new kind of healthy

So, if you haven’t noticed, I never seem to address health and fitness on here anymore.

What gives?

At the start of Build Your Bliss, and throughout all of my blog journeys before that, food and exercise played a major role in 90% of my posts. I loved working out and I loved healthy food. I thought I was doing all of  the “right” things and wanted nothing more than to share that with all of you.

Looking back, it was all about comfort. My life as an actress/model was extremely unpredictable and food/exercise was something that I could control. It was something I could be “good at”. I went from dreading the gym to spending hours there on a daily basis. I went from rarely touching vegetables to being a full-fledged vegan. I went from living a life that I enjoyed to living a life I thought was ‘perfect’.

Then one day something changed. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened and I don’t know what caused it. Perhaps it was getting my job at the restaurant and no longer having time for long workouts or extensive meal preparation. Or perhaps it was watching my family fall apart in the blink of an eye. Or perhaps I was just fed up with the stress of it all. Whatever the reason, I did.

The first step was giving up vegan-ism. Now, I’ll always be a vegetarian (solely because I don’t like meat) but I enjoy cheese and yogurt and ice-cream and eggs and all of the other amazing foods that I had cut out of my life. Hell, they made up 95% of my diet in high school. Do I agree with the way animals are treated? No, it breaks my heart…but I needed those foods back in my life.

From there, everything seemed to fall into place. I stopped stressing over food, obsessing over exercise, and I chose freedom over control. I started focusing on things that make me happy; going out with friends, writing, hiking, working, relaxing and enjoying time with the people I love.

My life is different now. I still value my health and well-being- I always will. I still eat copious amounts of fruits and veggies because I love them and I still go to the gym when I feel like it. That’s that. If I wind up eating half a jar of peanut butter and cookies for dinner one night, so be it. If I don’t work out for a week, my body probably needed the rest. I’m letting life happen and loving every minute of it.

IMG_0003_2Like I’ve mentioned before, my blog is growing with me. This is a journey and I’m taking you along. Don’t obsess. Don’t put pressure on yourself to lead a perfectly “healthy” life because that simply doesn’t exist. And if it did, it would be miserable. Don’t conform to a diet/exercise regime just to mimic somebody else because we’re all different. Find balance. Find freedom. Find life. Find bliss.

Here’s to discovering our own version of healthy…


  1. This is great. Thank you for posting! At the end of your life you’re not going to remember or care about how healthy you ate or how often you worked out. You’re going to remember living! ❤

    • Emily said:

      I say that allllll the time. In 50 years I’m not going to care if I weighed a few pounds more, if I met my ‘macros’, or if I spent an hour in the gym every day. It won’t matter! xoxo

  2. Lisa said:

    Love everything about this. That is all!
    I’ve been thinking about changing some of my blog to surround more beauty stuff, since I’m kind of over the fitness food talk every single day.
    So glad you’ve come so far<3

    • Emily said:

      You definitely should! I love your beauty-related posts (mostly because we’re both obsessed with the same products!) Thanks for all of your support! ❤

  3. GREAT POST. You seem like you are in such a great place, Em. Even though I know you’ve had some struggles over this past year, it is so clear you’ve grown so much and have really come into your own. You seem so secure, confident, and happy and your positive attitude truly radiates in your photos! So happy for you girl. You’re my kind of healthy!!

    • Emily said:

      Aw, thank you! I’ve grown so much and, as tough as the past few years have been, I’m really glad that it all happened.
      All of your constant support (and friendship) has made a huge difference and I can’t thank you enough for that. (:

  4. beautiful beautiful beautiful my love! let’s chat soon, yes? love you like a sister

    • Emily said:

      Yes! Love you too, pretty lady!

  5. 🙂 HAving gone through the same kind of transition, I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to hear that you’re finally finding YOUR bliss. You’ve come a long way, lady, and it’s only just the beginning.

    • Emily said:

      Thank you, Amanda!
      Your blog has always been a huge inspiration for me. I can’t tell you how much it has helped. xoxo

  6. Ashley said:

    You have the best outlook on food, fitness and life in general and I really admire you for that! Especially because I still struggle with trying not to be ‘perfect’ in all those aspects. But I think everything you said here is so true–that we will be at our happiest and healthiest when we actually listen to our body and realize that we can’t be perfect but we can be our best, and that’s all that really matters ❤

    • Emily said:

      Thank you, Ashley. ❤
      My outlook hasn't always been great, obviously. It's a journey but we're all capable of finding freedom from the things that hold us back. It takes a lot of work but it's so, so worth it!

  7. I think that’s how we make our lives beautiful.By simply doing what makes us happy and forgetting about the standards and expectations that everyone (including ourselves) place on us. I’ve loved watching your transformation over the past year, it gives me hope that ‘bliss’ is 100% possible to achieve. I always forget life is a journey, one that I have no control over, and it frustrates me. So, thanks for the reminder to relax and enjoy the ride. (:

    • Emily said:

      Exactly! Thank you. (:
      Your comments are always so articulate and perfect- they inspire me!

  8. Emily said:

    This blog post was so refreshing among all the other blogs so focused on food, diets, workouts, and losing weight. I applaud you for stepping away from that and truly enjoying your life, while still maintaining your health in a positive and enjoyable way! I myself am working on doing the same thing, and this post made me smile and feel so much better, and that it’s okay to just let go and “build my bliss.” Thank you!

    • Emily said:

      Aw, thank YOU! This comment seriously made my day.
      I’m still hesitant about opening up about certain things but discovering that other people can relate (and that my posts might help them) makes it all worth it. ❤

  9. Love this! It’s so easy to become obsessed with eating and working out. I always have to tell people to remember to live life! If you’re at a wedding, eat a piece of cake! It won’t kill you in the long run.

    • Emily said:

      It’s SO easy! But it’s not worth it at all!
      And amen! I never turn down a piece of cake. (:

  10. YES! So happy to see this! You have such a positive mindset; it’s really an inspiration.

    And I can totally relate; I am an actress too, and my fears about my career spilled into my exercise and food habits, which I felt I could control and like you said, be “good” at. And then, same thing, I don’t know what changed, I was just tired of feeling like I had to control everything–it’s exhausting! And yeah, since then I stopped counting calories, gave up veganism, occasionally have cookies and coffee for breakfast, eat pie at 3 am (there’s a good place by my favorite bar), and no longer guilt myself about working out. And this has been the happiest I have ever been. I have boundless energy, my relationships are more fulfilling, AND I’ve been getting more acting gigs! It’s like I’m finally learning to take a step back and let things evolve on their own and trust that I am enough. It’s paying off:)

    • Emily said:

      This comment literally made my day. Thank you SO much, Anna.
      It’s amazing how that works, isn’t it? The less I obsess over trying to be perfect, the more ‘perfectly’ things seem to work out. That applies to food, exercise, acting, and life in general. It continues to amaze me!

      And thank you for commenting so that I could find your blog- I love it! xoxo

  11. teffysperks said:

    I’ve loved this post so much. So sincere and genuine and honest!
    It’s so important to have balance in life, and balance itself is something hard to achieve. We need to stop over-thinking the superficial things and clear up space in our life for things that actually matter.
    Beautifully written =)

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

    • Emily said:

      Aw, thank you so much! I completely agree.
      And thank you for commenting and leaving the link to your blog- I love it!

  12. Taylor said:

    I really appreciate that you are able to share this because I can relate! Life has thrown me obstacles that I haven’t been able to control and food was something that I could always control. By doing what makes you happy and not worry about others opinions has left me in a better place. I am so glad that you too have found a place where you are much happier too! xox

    • Emily said:

      Yes, yes, yes. I knew you would probably be able to relate to this too. I think it’s part of pursuing a career in such an unstable field. It’s hard but can definitely be worth it. (:

  13. This post raises such great points. The reason I never label the way I eat or exercise is because both are simple reflection on the place I am in my life at any given moment, which is always changing. Everyone has their own version of healthy, and I think it is all about being open to letting that evolve.

    • Emily said:

      “Everyone has their own version of healthy, and I think it is all about being open to letting that evolve.” <— EXACTLY. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  14. Yes, this is so much better! And I agree with chilling out sometimes and *definitely* the yummy yogurt, ice cream, etc. – love it! Yum 🙂 And YAY, it’s Christmas time! And Christmas deliciousness 🙂 I’ve been doing so much baking!

  15. Congrats Emily … I’m glad to see you doing so well and figuring out who you want to be. Weird question .. when you put those dairy products back in your system did your body feel it? My tummy did not feel good when I eat certain foods that I’ve cut out haha

    • Emily said:

      Aw, thank you! I’ve missed your sweet comments so much! I hope you’re doing well. (:
      And my body definitely felt it when I started eating dairy products again but, after a few weeks, it settled down. I still don’t drink milk (I don’t like it) and excessive dairy makes me feel a little ‘off’ but I rarely notice anything. Just drink tummy-soothing tea during the transition and drink lots of water. (:

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