favorites: october 2013

After my week from hell, I finally feel like things are turning around. I dealt with the car situation and then spent the rest of my night working. I’ve never been a huge Halloween person so that was perfectly okay with me. The best part? We got to wear costumes to work. #winning

IMG_5531I spent the majority of October in a funk. Mer. Not fun. But I still managed to compile quite a list of things that I loved. If you dig down deep enough there’s always something positive to be found.

Favorites: October 2013


leggings // flannels // cargo jackets // oversized sweaters // flats // chunky heels // rings



crockpot meals // pretzel rolls // frozen veggies // thai flavors // pellegrinno // muffins // giant salads


liquid eyeliner // journaling // iMac // lists // Starbucks // sunsets // being proactive // anti-halloween

IMG_5506And just like that another month is over. Crazy, right? The launch of Starbuck’s red cups today put everything into perspective. Time passes way too quickly so let’s cherish every single moment.

What were you loving this month?

Here’s to November putting October to shame…


    • Emily said:

      Thank you!! You are seriously so sweet.

  1. you’re definitely going to have a better month. i can FEEL it sis! and i am praying for you

    • Emily said:

      Thank you! I know it will be! Sending you love. xoxo

  2. Sorry your October was such a MEH. Thankfully it’s now NOVEMBER! BOOOO YA GRANDMA!! So pumped 😀

    • Emily said:

      Helllll yes! Thanks for you enthusiasm! (:

    • Emily said:

      I agree! And thank you!

  3. Ashley said:

    I know you’ll have a better month–having a positive attitude going into it always helps!

    Isn’t it crazy that the red cups are already out? I always remember them coming out closer to Thanksgiving but it’s always fun to see them at Starbucks again.

    • Emily said:

      I was shocked when I saw the red cups! I can’t believe that we’re already in November…seriously. What happened to 2013?!

  4. Katy said:

    I haven’t been out for Halloween in 3 years too.. I’m kind of anti-Halloween although I think I’m just lazy. And I love love love leggings and chunky heels too. Stylish (with whatever top you choose) and comfy at the same time.

    • Emily said:

      I think I’m just lazy too! haha. #noshame
      And I completely agree with you on leggings & chunky heels- you just can’t go wrong!

  5. Hannah said:

    Your positive attitude always inspires me! Here’s to a month of good vibes, happy holidays and plenty of things to be thankful for 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Aw! Thank you SO much, Hannah. That made my day.

  6. Emma said:

    Loving your Halloween outfit, always good to go for a classic!

    I hope your bad luck is turning around 🙂

    Hmm maybe…

  7. Cannot believe that November is here myself either! October flew by. I was going to avoid the infamous ‘Red Cup’ but today is fueled by coffee and I must go 🙂

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