a peek into my week: 10/12-10/18

Yeee! We’ve made it to another Friday. I wish that meant relaxing time but, for me, it just means prepping for a weekend of work. Anyone with a job in the food industry can relate, I’m sure. My bank account and I are definitely not complaining though. The bills never stop rolling in…

Busy weeks always fly by- it’s a blessing and a curse. I love it but simultaneously wish time would slow down a little bit. The happier I get, the more I want to hold on to each precious moment.

Alright, I’m done rambling. Here’s my week in a nutshell- hopefully you’ll link up so I can see yours!

PeekIntoMyWeekLinkA Peek Into My Week 10/12-10/18:

Things I Did:

1. Had installment #3 of girl’s night

It was Shelby’s week to host and she whipped up goat cheese & spinach ravioli (YUM), salad, and garlic bread. Wine, Clueless, and lots of gossiping rounded out the night. Perfect.


2. Busted out the autumn colors

It’s still not cool enough in LA to bring out the heavy jackets and knit scarves but I got in the autumn spirit by wear warmer colors (orange, brown, maroon, etc.), light scarves, and boots.

IMG_54353. Used my crock-pot 

Yeah, I’ve had it for 2 years now and finally took it out of the box this week (#lazygirlprobs).

4. Discovered a new favorite lunch spot 

My friends have been raving about this place for as long as I can remember but I never ventured in until now. I’m officially in love. They’re vegetarian menu is awesome and this kale ceasar rocked my world.

IMG_54325. Ran

On Thursday night I had a horrible dream and, when I woke up, it was impossible to go back to sleep. I had the random urge to run so I headed over to the gym and did just that. Holy smokes…First of all, frustration must have fueled me because I have no idea how I squeezed out 7 miles after not running in forever. Second of all, my legs currently feel like lead. If you need me, I’ll be foam rolling.

Things I Learned:

1. Chipotle finally has vegetarian-friendly pinto beans (source)

2. It’s a record when NYC goes a week without murders (source)

3. The government is back…at least until January 15th (source)

4. The hunt for Christian Grey continues (source)

5. When you’ve done all you can do for someone, it’s okay to step away

5185c527484ac1b4cc3b4d85e47e73beAnd now it’s your turn! Remember that there are no rules for these posts. Share whatever you’d like, in whatever format you’d like. Have fun and I can’t wait to take a peek into your week!

Here’s to loving the life we’re living…


  1. mitchell-james said:

    Clueless = Best. Movie. Ever!

    Finding an awesome lunch spot is like striking gold. It’s an opportunity to suss out a new menu, find what you like, what you love. Then it’s comfy, familiar and a great place to just chill out for an hour or so 🙂

    Loving the Peek Into My Week posts 🙂

  2. Taylor said:

    Hmm not sure if I am doing it wrong but I can’t seem to link up 😦

    I love the pink cardigan, it looks perfect for fall! We are suppose to get snow this week which means I am transferring out of fall clothes into winter..just a little jealous of LA’s wonderful weather 😉 The goat cheese ravioli sounds amazing!! Honestly, girls nights are the best!

    I love this series, it is so fun to reflect on the little things through out the week, so glad I’m joining in!

    • Emily said:

      It’s not working for Molly either! I’m going to take a look at it.
      Thanks, girly! Girl’s nights really are the best. (:

    • Emily said:

      I think I fixed it! (:

  3. That kale salad looks amazing! And I love the fall clothes. This is my all-time favorite time of year for fashion! I’ve tried the vegetarian pinto beans a few times now and I think I love them even more than the black beans. It’s nice to switch things up every now and then. For some reason it won’t let me link up, but here is the actual link to my blog post instead 🙂 Happy Friday! http://thislifeissparkling.com/2013/10/18/a-peek-into-my-week/

    • Emily said:

      Boooo…the link up isn’t working?! Hmph. So frustrating. I’ll work on it!
      And I’m really glad to hear you liked the beans! I can’t wait to try them. (:

    • Emily said:

      I think I fixed it! (:

    • Emily said:

      You are too, girly!
      And yesss…the ravioli was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time. Shelby is an awesome cook and always spoils us!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you! I love it too. I hope you’re having a great weekend. (:

  4. Ahh Clueless is such a classic — love it. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve been saying that I’m going to get a crockpot for around 2 years now 😆 I always mean to, but somehow it just never ends up happening…

    • Emily said:

      I was the same way. I’m not going to lie, I wish I hadn’t waited so long! I made a quinoa/veggie dish that served as an AMAZING dinner all week long. And the crockpot did all the work for me!

  5. Lisa said:

    Clueless is the best. End of story. I know every line to that movie, and should probably be super embarrassed about that.
    Love the fashion looks. The first picture is one of my favorite styles to whip out on chillier days here.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Emily said:

      You should NOT be embarrassed- I know ever line too and it will never, ever get old!

  6. Ashley said:

    Vegetarian pintos at Chipotle? I always thought it was silly that they made a normally veg-friendly dish with bacon, so that’s great that they’re adding another plant based option. As if I wasn’t already obsessed with Chipotle 😀

    I love both of your outfits, perfect for fall, especially with the booties. I need more of them in my closet, they work with everything!

    • Emily said:

      Yeah! I can’t wait to try the pinto beans. I may have to go there after I get off work tonight (since it’s one of the only places still open when I get off!)
      Thanks, girly! I’m seriously addicted to booties right now. They’re so versatile!

  7. Emma said:

    That goatscheese and spinach ravioli look delicious!

    Both of your outfits are so cute too.

    Hmm maybe…

    • Emily said:

      It was so yummy! I hadn’t had ravioli in forever and parmesan cheese is just good on anything!

  8. It’s soo cold here in Vancouver and I’m glad because I get to wear all my heavy jackets…. except I hate the fact that I have to wake up to freezing mornings since I can’t sleep with the heat on.

    I don’t think I can ever live in LA because it’s always warm there. The last couple times I went was during Christmas and I was pretty much in summer clothes. I’m definitely a fall girl!

    • Emily said:

      I know exactly what you mean! I was born and raised in California so I’m not accustomed to extreme weather but I can understand why people love it. It’s hard to get in the fall/winter spirit when it’s still 70+ degrees outside!

      I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver! I’ve heard it’s gorgeous.

  9. Mmmm that ravioli looks scrumptious. BE MY STYLIST! annnnd I love crockpots! maybe stephen amell can be christian grey. check him out. I love him haha he’s going to be in an installment of my mcm. 😛

    • Emily said:

      Oh my…I love him! I will eagerly be awaiting that post!

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