a peek into my week: 10/4-10/11

Happy Friday! 

This week has been a doozy but I managed to get [almost] everything situated for the link-up! I’m so excited and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it all runs smoothly. Here goes nothin’…


The only thing I wasn’t able to figure out was how to create a link for the image above that you can put on your blog to bring your readers back here (help?!). Hopefully I’ll have that done by next week. Until then, feel free to just save the image, use it in your post, and include a separate link back to here.

There are absolutely no rules for these posts. Share whatever you’d like, in whatever fashion you’d like. It can be things you’ve done, seen, learned, eaten, accomplished…anything! Get creative and have fun!

A Peek Into My Week: 10/4-10/11

Things I Did

1. Visited home

It was a short visit and it wasn’t under the best of circumstances but, regardless, I was able to spend time with my mom and sister which always makes me happy. I love them more than anything.

IMG_53272. Ate out. A lot. 

Continuing the trend of the past few weeks, I wanted nothing more than to be social this week. I’m realizing more and more how amazing my friends are and how blessed I am. And we like food.

FoodCollage3. Busted out the sweatpants 

Fall/Winter weather means that sweats are always acceptable. End of story.

IMG_53794. Spent quality time with Lionel

Since I’ve been back home he has refused to leave my side. He literally slept in the crook of my neck all night last night. It was so adorable…minus waking up with a mouth full of fur.


5. Baked! 

On Tuesday I had 12 muffins, now I have 3. You do the math.

Things I Learned:

1. Josh Hutcherson is awesomely open-minded (source)

2. I’ve been sabotaging my hair all along (source)

3. “Duffins” are serious business (source)

4. Apparently I don’t like soda anymore (not sure how that happened)

5. I’m over my MacBook (my next computer shall be an iMac)

And now it’s your turn!

Here’s to the start of a new tradition…


  1. mitchell-james said:

    Totally jealous of your amazing eats! That is perhaps the most kick ass salad I have seen in some time! 😛

    Hope your week has been better 🙂

    • Emily said:

      I’ve definitely been spoiled when it comes to food recently! No complaints there.
      Thank you so much! (:

  2. carrie said:

    sweat pants season <3<3…is there anything better? i think not. 🙂

  3. P said:

    Awesome eats—especially the powdered sugar pancakes :)!
    Gotta love sweatpants, they are super comfy!!!

    • Emily said:

      I’m not going to lie, they were some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had! (I swear, breakfast food ALWAYS tastes better at night)

  4. Lisa said:

    Lionel is adorable. My cat has been hiding from me lately which is totally rude;)
    Awe, glad you got to spend some time with your Mom and Sister at home! Sounds like it was a nice time, even though it was a short visit.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Emily said:

      Lionel is the first cat I’ve ever had that never, ever hides. It’s so weird! He always wants to be with me.
      Thank you, pretty lady!

  5. If I hadn’t already blogged today, I would so link up. Next week! I love all your food pics. Eating out with friends is seriously one of my favorite things to do. Nothing beats it.

    • Emily said:

      Definitely! I’m figuring most people won’t start until next week (if ever! lol) since I forgot to post a reminder about it yesterday. Oh well!
      And I agree! Friends+food=happy emily!

  6. Powdered sugar on pancakes! YES! My mom makes the best buttermilk pancakes ever and she’ll always sprinkle them with powdered sugar. I seriously need to go over there for breakfast more often…

    • Emily said:

      Mmmm…homemade buttermilk pancakes sound heavenly. I’ve been on a huge breakfast foods kick lately (which is weird because I loathed pancakes/waffles/french toast/etc. as a kid) I guess I’m making up for it now!

  7. Yay! you did it! haha If I hadn’t already posted today I would of done this! I ate out a lot this week too. :/ Ps. Welcome to the “I don’t like Soda” Club!

    • Emily said:

      That’s okay! I should have posted a reminder yesterday or something. Oh well!
      And you don’t like soda either?! I don’t know what happened because I used to love it.

  8. squigglefloey said:

    I may or may not have freaked out by this “COLD” LA weather this week and bought a few beanies and a huge puffy jacket online 😛

    • Emily said:

      Right?! haha. Us southern-california folks aren’t used to anything below 70!

  9. Taylor said:

    Definitely linking up! I am kind of horrible at taking pictures through out my week though, mostly because I go from work to school so I will be much better at it to join! I too can’t get enough baking, last night it was pumpkin bread and I have a few recipes over the weekend I am hoping to try out!

    Have a great weekend Emily!

    • Emily said:

      YAY! I’m not very good about taking pictures either- I’m getting better at it though.
      And pumpkin bread sounds amazing! I’ll have to bake some of that next!

  10. Cuddling with Lionel is without a doubt my favourite of the things you did [and that sounds weird ;)]. He’s such a cutie.
    I’m glad you had a fun time socializing and that your visit at home went nice despite the current happenings.
    Hope you have a great weekend <3!

    • Emily said:

      He is pretty cute sometimes. Other times he drives me crazy!
      I hope you have a lovely weekend also!

  11. Ashley said:

    That’s so great that you got to go home for a little visit! I love my family to death so I always enjoy getting to go home to see them, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

    I can’t say I’m a fan of sweatpants for myself, but I looooove that it’s acceptable to wear leggings with tall boots again. That’s my go-to look for lazy days when I want to look put together!

    • Emily said:

      I love leggings too! They’re sooo comfortable.
      And I feel the same way about my family. They’re the best. I just wish I could see them more!

  12. Emma said:

    Good post!

    I love going home to see my mum, always feels like you’re returning ‘home, home’.

    The icon you have for this post is so cute!

    Hmm maybe…

  13. Katy said:

    I find soda too sweet too most of the time but the only time I actually like it is when I’m eating hot pot. It’s so refreshing… but I always feel guilty drinking it!

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