organization, for the win

I’ve gotten really good at this whole disappearing act, eh? It takes some serious talent. (kidding)

In all seriousness though, I really do want to settle back into a blogging routine. I hate to work so hard at something and then let it dwindle away because I’m “too busy”. I care about this blog, I care about whoever is out there reading it, and I care about sharing my thoughts and inspirations. So, I need to show that by staying consistent and honing in on what my blogging “voice” really is.

I don’t know a lot but I’m always learning. Every day is an adventure and I want to do a better job of taking you along for the ride. My love for the entertainment industry is rebuilding itself at lightning speed and I’m also discovering a passion for art and fashion that I never knew existed. I live in one of the craziest (aka: weirdest) cities in the world and I’m constantly surprised by the things I see/hear/experience.  My outlook on life has turned a major corner and I absolutely love it.

Enough rambling…

I won’t reveal too much about what’s to come on Build Your Bliss but I will tell you this; I’m actually creating a blogging schedule. Yep, you read that correctly. I’ve never taken my blog seriously enough to outline my posts ahead of time and I really think hope  it’s going to help me stay on track.

The first of many [organized] posts will be headed your way tomorrow!

Until then, I’ll leave you with a picture of this little chunk…

chunkymonkeyHere’s to turning thoughts into actions…


  1. squigglefloey said:

    yay schedules. i need to figure more of those into my life. usually im not functional without them and maybe thats why i’ve felt so out of place lately.

    • Emily said:

      I know exactly how you feel! I’m in the same boat. Organization always makes me so much more relaxed…as long as I’m not obsessive about it. haha

  2. P said:

    I’m looking forward to your planned posts!
    Lionel is too cute!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you! He’s a little pest but I love him anyways.

  3. Taylor said:

    “turning thoughts into action”–always have to remind myself of this one 🙂
    YAH! You know I love your blog posts, can’t wait to hear what’s to come ❤

    • Emily said:

      Yay! Thanks for all of your support, Taylor! I really appreciate it. (:

  4. Girl you are on top of things! As much as I’d like to have a blogging schedule, I know it would just cause me too much stress. It’s one of those things I just have to do when I have time. Otherwise I let my priorities, like school, go to the wayside….can’t let that happen! LOL Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us though!

    • Emily said:

      Haha, that’s how I’ve always felt too! But I’m gonna give it a try and, if it doesn’t work out, oh well.
      I definitely can’t imagine blogging while working AND being in school- you’re amazing!

  5. Awwr lady 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you’re loving what you’re doing AND that we’ll be hearing from you more often.

    • Emily said:

      I’m not going to lie- your commitment to blogging has been one of my biggest inspirations. So, thank you!

  6. Lisa said:

    That’s great you’re making a blogging schedule! Pretty sure I need to do the same. Some weeks I just suck;)
    Can’t wait to read your posts more often though!

    • Emily said:

      Girl, you are WAY more on top of it than I am! I admire you!

  7. I care about you a lot! my heart hurts when I don’t get a post from you in a week! cuz you know … I’m bad at blogging too and only read everyone’s posts a day a week. whoops. but no I’m just kidding. we all know how busy lives are so if you’re gone, we all understand … just like people understand about me. I’m trying to plan out my posts too but sometimes you just have NOTHING to write. if you can help me with that area I’ll appreciate it. haha can’t wait for your scheduled posts!

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