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I can’t even remember the last time I did a beauty-related post on the blog. It has been far too long.

We’ve heard it a million times- it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I completely agree. But, as vain as it sounds, the outside matters too. Not only do appearance and health go hand-in-hand, our confidence and self-esteem are affected by the outside as well. This is especially true when it comes to the entertainment industry- the world I’m about to jump back in to. It’s an industry that revolves around looks and, no matter how hard we try to fight it, that’s the truth. So, while we’re building our bliss on the inside, it’s important that we’re taking care of what’s on the outside as well.

Today I want to talk about skin.

I’ve always been pretty lucky when it comes to my skin. Sure, I’ve battled occasional breakouts, but I’ve never dealt with chronic acne or any serious issues. However, figuring out the skin-care regime that works best for me has taken quite some time. We all know the importance of washing our face, moisturizing, etc. but I’ve learned a few other tips and tricks over the years that I want to share.

Build Your Beauty: Skin-Care Tips & Tricks

1.) Figure out your skin-type

Is your skin oily? Dry? A combination of both? Understanding the type of skin you have is crucial. This will explain any issues you may be facing and help find the best products to deal with them.

My skin is normal to dry and can be slightly sensitive depending on the weather. 

2.) Find the right products

Unfortunately, this takes time. I’ve gone through tons of different products and brands over the years and the only conclusion I’ve come to is that price doesn’t matter. Some of the most expensive face-washes and moisturizers have left my skin feeling the worst. Research brands based on reviews from people with your skin type, get sample sizes before investing, and stick with what works.

IMG_4960I’ve always had the best luck with Olay products. They have a ‘Sensitive Skin’ line that I love. 

3.) Wash your face

But don’t OVER-wash it. I used to use harsh cleansers/toners/moisturizers/etc. every single morning and night but finally figured out that I was doing more harm than good. Find a balance. Your skin will naturally take care of itself most of the time. Keep it clean but be extremely gentle.

4.) Invest in a good eye-cream

The area around your eyes is one of the most sensitive areas on your body. It dries out quickly and gets puffy from stress, salt-intake, and lack of sleep. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

IMG_4964After finishing a bottle of Philosophy’s Eye Hope, I decided to test out Benefit’s It’s Potent! Loving it!

5.) Don’t fear cold water

I end every shower and face-wash with a splash of cold water. It sounds miserable but I promise you’ll get used to it. Warm water opens up your pores so, unless you snap them back closed with cold water, you’ll be leaving them exposed to all the dirt around you. Don’t undo all of your hard work!

6.) Deep clean your pores

I don’t know why, but the pores on our noses tend to clog up more quickly than anywhere else. If you’ve never tried pore-cleansing strips, do it. They’re a little strange, slightly painful (in a satisfying way), and very unattractive, but getting all of the dirt out of there is an amazing feeling.

IMG_4962I found these strips at Urban Outfitters and, of the ones that I’ve tried, they’re definitely my favorite.

It all comes down to this: pay attention to what your skin is telling you and take care of it. Breakouts are unavoidable sometimes (thanks to hormones, stress, and genetics) but, if you’re giving your skin what it needs, those rough patches will become less frequent and more manageable. Promise.

Here’s to sexy skin…


  1. P said:

    I should probably take better care of my skin, but I find it so much easier to just wash my face in the morning after I wake up and at night before I go to bed…and that’s it. 😛

    • Emily said:

      Haha well there’s nothing wrong with that! Obviously it’s working! (:

  2. This was really helpful actually! I definitely neglect my skin and get very lazy with taking good care of it so these are great reminders. Love the cold water idea!

    • Emily said:

      I used to be horrible about taking care of my skin (especially in high school) but it makes a huge difference! And definitely try the cold water- it’s amazing!

  3. Truth be told, we will always be judged (initially) by our outward appearance so why not put our best face forward haha. It has taken me years to find a face cleanser and acne spot treatment. Finally, I pretty much have the skin I always wanted, instead of horrible acne.

    • Emily said:

      Ahh…that’s so awesome! You’re obviously doing something right because your skin is gorgeous!

  4. been searching for an eye cream. eye hope vs it’s potent. Which one do you like better? glad you did this post … it was much needed. haha 😉 always love watching people’s skin/beauty things!

    • Emily said:

      Oooh…if I HAD to choose, I’d probably say Eye Hope. It was amazing. But I’m loving It’s Potent so far too- and it’s slightly more affordable!

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