rediscovering color

If I asked you to describe your life in colors, what would they be?

What about if I asked you describe your childhood in colors? When you were 5 or 6 years old you probably emitted the most beautiful, vibrant colors without even knowing it. I can guarantee that you were carefree, filled with smiles, and refused to dull your shine for any reason.


What happened? How come those colors fade as we get older? The brightness we feel as children slowly turns into a mess of pastels and neutrals. From the number of times we smile every day to the color of the clothes we wear, everything seems to fade. We fall into routines and forget about the excitement we once knew. We begin to micro-manage and fear the imperfection that may come with bright colors. We dull our shine because we’re afraid of being noticed. We’re afraid of being great. 

Yesterday I reconnected with an old friend who I hadn’t talked to in months. We were planning to just grab coffee but, at the last minute, I asked if he wanted to tie-dye shirts instead. He was all for it.

TieDyeAs we were tie-dying and catching up on everything we had missed in each other lives, we started talking about how we’re both on a spiritual journey right now. We’re both trying to open ourselves up to whatever the Universe has planned and we’re both trying to rediscover the freedom and joy we knew when we were children. And somehow the Universe brought us together right in the middle of it.

TieDye2The most ironic part? We came together over tie-dying. We came together over adding color to these old, white shirts that we didn’t want any more. It was completely unintentional and completely perfect.

It’s so common for adults to get stuck in “neutral”. We forget to embrace change, bliss, happiness, and freedom because it’s not part of our daily routine. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to live that way and you shouldn’t either. You shouldn’t have to settle for “blah” and you shouldn’t dull yourself down to fit in.

Stand out. Be free. Live a life filled with COLOR.

Here’s to the vibrancy of life…


  1. Oooh I love this idea, definitely more creative than a coffee date (my default for friend catchups also). Also a good reminder to live with color. ❤

  2. adashofmeg said:

    you’re amazing babe! can’t wait to meet you some day

  3. P said:

    Coffee and snacks are great, but a tie dye day sounds awesome! This is a fantastic reminder to live life colorfully :)!

    • Emily said:

      Right? It was such a fun way to change things up!

  4. Ashley said:

    I think tie dyeing is the new coffee date (: I’ve been realizing that my life is much different than I imagined it to be when I was a child but that doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the beautiful colors of life and satisfy my inner 5-year-old!

    • Emily said:

      Life is SO much different than I imagined it would be too. It’s crazy how it all works out. But, it’s never too late to do the things we love and find our inner bliss. (:

  5. Gorgeous! I was part of a yoga fundraiser earlier this year and our team was called the “Chakra Khans” haha. We wore shirts that we had home tie-dyed with chakras down our spine. It was a lot of fun and had a really cool effect. Tie-dye is making a comeback!

    PS. I thought I saw an email that you had commented on my latest post but I think my spam filter may have swallowed it – it’s been giving me a lot of tricky times lately. So I’m sorry and thanks for the comment! Darn technology! xxx

    • Emily said:

      Aw, I love that! What a fun idea for a team!
      And I did comment yesterday- booo on lame technology! Basically, I’m just loving all of your posts lately and can completely relate to each topic your addressing. Thank you!

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