smart stars

Okay, I opened up this weekly horoscope 8-hours after I hit ‘publish’ on my last post

Capricorn Horoscope (July 29th-August 4th):

Put down the one-year plan and make this week about following the signs the universe is sending you. It can be tough for control-freak Capricorn to let go of the wheel like this, but here’s the twist: when you surrender, you find that you’re in the natural flow of life (as opposed to struggling and swimming upstream). Meditation, yoga, even taking a gadget-free walk, will help you observe your surroundings with deeper clarity and insight. Turns out, you’ve been overlooking the obvious. 

f13d0495e4f70f6dbaffc3a4b5a49133The universe speaks, we just have to listen.

Here’s to opening our eyes to the obvious…


  1. I adore this horoscope so much, I really want to start reading mine again! And I know I could certainly use some meditation, yoga, and gadget-free walks.

    • Emily said:

      You should! I love reading mine. It always amazes me how accurate they are.
      And I could definitely use a technology-detox…I’m working on that!

  2. Ashley said:

    I’m not even a Capricorn and this speaks to me. I really need to go with the flow more often instead of overthinking my life…and ditto to the gadget-free walk. I need to take a break from technology, and I’m hoping I can accomplish that on an upcoming trip. Time off is always more enjoyable when you just live in the moment instead of being tied down to technology!

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