grumpy gills

I’ve been little miss grumpy gills this week and I honestly don’t know why.

Maybe it’s my overwhelming work schedule? Or the anxiety I’ve been feeling about my future? Or the headache that I’ve been battling for 3 days straight? Or hormones? Or general stress?

…or maybe it’s a weird combination of all of those things? I dunno. 

What I do know is that I’m sick of the pity party. I’ve done it and I’m ready to move on. When moods like this hit me, I have a number of things I usually do to ‘fix it’. It takes time but through a process of trail-and-error I can usually find something that puts a smile back on my face…

So, after my shift at work this morning, I set out to rediscover my joy and positivity. I went to the gym (see below!), took a long cold shower (thank you, heat), took a nap, ate my body-weight in food from Panera Bread, went to Target, and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around with Lionel.

Guess what? I feel 10X better. 

My headache is still lingering but the stress and anxiety I had been feeling has definitely lessened. I’ve been perfectly okay with taking life day-by-day up until this point and there’s no reason that should change. I am, however, going to start getting more serious about my future. The important thing is that  stay in control of what I want and don’t let fear take the reigns of my life like i have in the past.

Yawn. Enough talk about me. How about an awesome workout that will get your heart-rate up, tone your tummy, and get you in and out of the gym in less than 20 minutes? Um, heck yes.

HopToItWorkoutI had this crazy idea yesterday to challenge myself to 1,000 jump ropes but I knew I’d never make it if I did them straight through. Enter an awesome interval circuit! Try to keep moving throughout the whole thing and only take rest when you absolutely need it. You’ll be done before you know it!

Here’s to sweating out our sorrows…


  1. Taylor said:

    My stress/grumpiness definitely comes from all that you described! Particularly the one about the future, it is very tough sometimes to sit still for a second and try to figure things out. Though I have finally started speaking up and sharing what I really hope to accomplish and do (hoping to put it out in the world 🙂 and I feel like that is always a good first step. If you don’t mind me asking what do you see yourself doing? Ohhh and I had to mention I recently cut my hair short and had to share it here 🙂

    • Emily said:

      It’s so tough, right?!
      Well, I moved to LA to pursue acting but took a break recently because the anxiety of that, mixed with family/financial stress, was just too much to handle. I’m considering getting back into it though. If not, i’m not sure where I’ll end up. We’ll see! What are you wanting to do?
      And YAY for cutting your hair! Isn’t it such an amazing feeling?! ❤

      • Taylor said:

        Oh wow, I’m actually hoping to get into the entertainment business as well. I do a little bit of acting (nothing professional) and have studied production. Living in the midwest I don’t have the best access and my school doesn’t have a specific film program so I’m hoping to move out to LA soon!

      • Emily said:

        Really?! When are you planning to move out here! That would be amazing if you did! This is definitely the place to be if you’re wanting to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. One of my good friends goes to Columbia University’s film school which she loves. And almost all of my other friends are actors/writers/musicians/etc. It’s so much fun to constantly be surrounded by it.
        Do you have an email?!

      • Taylor said:

        Sorry, I couldn’t reply off your other comment.
        I’m hoping to move out there within the year! I’m ready to really pursue this career but can’t seem to find any of the right connections here and like you would love to be surrounded by people who have similar goals! Also the odds of finding a manager or project is very slim here so although I know what I want, I haven’t been able to make big steps in feeling like I am making any progress! my email is send me an email anytime!

  2. Sometimes it’s the little things that makes us feel so much better–I’m glad you’re out of your ‘funk’! This workout looks so fun too, and I love circuit-style workouts like this!

    • Emily said:

      It’s so true- the little things make the biggest difference. Thanks, girly!
      And I’m loving interval workouts too! Let me know if you try it. (:

  3. glad you got some ME time! sometimes it’s much needed. love the fact I took a few days off … even though I worked on blog stuff it was worth is. and 1000 jump ropes?! you crazy!

    formerly Melissa @ Mouthwatering Morsel 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Ahhh! I saw this name and was like “who is this new reader?!” but it’s youuuu! YAY!
      And you should totally try the workout! I know 1,000 jump ropes sounds daunting but it’s over before you know it!

  4. Lisa said:

    Stress and anxiety can definitely contribute to those grumpy feelings…happens to me quite often but after a “me” day or doing things I know will make me feel better it just can completely change my perspective.
    Looks like a great workout! My workout routine has been basically non existant lately due to all the emotional stress happening…maybe I should hop on board again soon..yikes.

    • Emily said:

      Ahhh…I totally understand not working out because of emotional stress. Story of my life for the past 6 months. I’m slowly easing myself back into it. Although, I have to admit, it’s nice not to stress so much over exercise. It just goes to show that there are much more important things in life!
      Let me know if you try the workout though- I think you’ll like it!

  5. Katy said:

    I hope you can keep the stress under control! I try not to get stressed out because it’s soo bad for you body! A nice bike ride always helps me though. 😉

    • Emily said:

      I wish I had a bike! I’ve actually been contemplating investing in one. I definitely think I need to!

  6. P said:

    I can totally relate to the anxiety/stress! Even though my Dad says there is no pressure with getting a “real” job pertaining to my degree, I can’t help but feel that pressure :P. My main anxiety is grad school though, since I’ll be applying in a few months! But I definitely am trying to enjoy life right now (and I think I am :)!!).

    Speaking of morning shifts, I actually tend to like them more since they leave the rest of the day free for relaxation :)!

    • Emily said:

      Good for you! You have plenty of time to figure out what you want to do- don’t let yourself stress yet!
      And I agree with you on morning shifts! I much prefer opening to closing. It’s just tough when I open at Starbucks and then have to go straight to my 2nd job after that. Long days!

    • Emily said:

      Do it, do it! Let me know what you think. (:

  7. I’m wondering if fear and anxiety about your future EVER really goes away – something tells me it doesn’t! So you’re right, it’s just about managing it well. Glad you’re feeling a bit better! And if you haven’t tried it, Aveda blue oil is AMAZING for tension headaches. Just roll it on your temples or wherever the headache is coming from and within an hour mine has always gone or at least lessened in intensity. xx

  8. Shawn said:

    Wow, 1000 jump ropes. Looks like a great workout, bit I’m not sure I’d survive. The other day, I could barely make it through 100 burpees.

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