summertime sweat

Hey, remember when I used to post exercise/healthy-living related posts every Friday? Yeah, that obviously hasn’t happened recently. In all honesty, exercise has been on the back-burner lately. Life is crazy and I took that as an opportunity to stop stressing about the gym. And it felt damn good.

In the past I’ve let my love for exercise get out of hand- almost to the point of an obsession. As it turns out, too much of a good thing can be bad. However, after taking time off and getting much more in-tune with my body, I think I’ve discovered a balance that works for me. It’s a good thing because I sure missed getting my butt over to the gym on a regular basis and I missed sharing workouts and advice with you all! I’m [finally] finishing up studying for my NASM Certification test and I can’t wait to get that behind me and start putting together a program- potentially for in-person AND online clients!

Since summertime is in full-swing, today I have a new total-body toning workout for you! It incorporates strength, plyometrics, and abs using very minimal equipment. All of the moves should be fairly self-explanatory but don’t hesitate to ask if you need clarification about something! Enjoy!

SummertimeSweatHere’s to sweating to live, not living to sweat…


  1. haha maybe you can give discount to poor people like me. I need to get off my butt more but I’m happy to say I’ve been working out more than usual which is good. 🙂 I’ve already saved your workout. 😉

    • Emily said:

      I totally will!
      When I get everything situated I’d love to come up with a plan for you (that you’ll enjoy!)
      I’m super proud of you for working out more than usual lately- especially with how busy you are!

  2. Ellie said:

    Why have you decided to get certified? What is your degree in? How’s Starucks treating you? I’m almost done with my coffee/bagel shop job. About to go home for a month before XC starts 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Well, I actually already have one certification but wanted to get my NASM one because it’s more well known and respected. My dad is a trainer and owns his own gym so I’ve always been surrounded by it. (:
      And YAY for going home for a month! Make the most of every minute that you have off!

  3. I completely understand the feeling of too much of a good thing ending up to be a bad thing, especially in terms of exercise. Like a lot of things, it is definitely all about balance. My favorite workouts always seem to bee the ones that incorporate both pylo and strength so I am liking this one! Plus you made it extremely cute and summery, love it. 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Let me know what you think if you try it! (:

  4. I love that you’ve found a balance with working out! I’m still working on not stressing out if I’m too busy to workout, and incorporating planned rest days, but I completely agree that it can become an obsession, and that’s when a healthy thing starts to be not so healthy.

  5. That’s awesome; such a positive way to challenge that energy! Congrats on nearly finishing the certification!

  6. I pinned this earlier this week when you posted it on Instagram and I cannot wait to try it at the gym tomorrow! I’m always looking for new strength routines to try out! This looks great.

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