July 1st. 

Seriously? How in the world are we halfway through the year already?

2013 has been an absolute whirlwind thus far. My dog [best friend] died on January 1st and I had a feeling that was setting the tone for the entire year. I was right- I just had no idea how bad things were going to get. I apologize for how vague I’ve been about the things I’ve gone through but I don’t think my blog is the ideal place to open up about family issues. Plus, the gritty details don’t really matter.

All of the crap comes down to one thing..

Life happens. 

We can’t control it and it will never go the way we’ve planned. All we can do is try to stay positive, surround ourselves with people that make us happy, do the things that bring us bliss, and smile.

Has this year been difficult? Yes. But I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. I’m in a better place (mentally, emotionally, and physically) than I have been in years. It seems completely impossible but it’s true and it’s proof that everything happens for a reason.

My sister is staying with me again right now (summertime perks!) and that, combined with my short trip home, has resulted in an amazing week. Lindsay and I are actually working on starting a YouTube Channel which we’ve talked about doing for months. We’re having a blast! We’ve filmed quite a few videos and we’re planning to launch the channel in a few days- I can’t wait!

Here’s a little sneak peak…


securedownload-5Yeeeaaahhh…I’m busting up just looking at those pictures.

Anyways, that’s where my life is at right now. I’ve discovered happiness and confidence within myself, surrounded myself with unbelievable people, and just I let go. And that feels damn good.

Here’s to making the 2nd half of 2013 even better than the first…


  1. Blindfolded makeup challenge! Love it 😀 And I’m not sure I wanna know what you guys were trying to drink in that second one 😆 You don’t look all that happy…

    I always find the first half of the year to be kind of difficult. We go into it coming down from the high of the holidays, and the dreary weather doesn’t help either. But it’s great to hear that things are looking up for you, hun. We really are stronger than we think, eh? We just need life to happen to help us see that.

    • Emily said:

      Yeee! The second video is the smoothie challenge- it was…interesting (to say the least)!
      And I completely agree- the 2nd have of the year is generally much more enjoyable than the first. It’s strange how it works out that way. Things are looking up though and being able to tune into your positivity through your blog every day has helped a ton!

  2. P said:

    Those stills look hilarious, haha.
    I can not believe it is July (like so many other bloggers :P!). I’m just trying to hold on to summer for as long as I can :)!

    • Emily said:

      I am too! This year is just flying by…

  3. Lisa said:

    I can’t believe it’s July either! Crazy times. It’s incredible how fast the time passes now.
    I’m so happy to hear things are looking good for you!
    When we go through difficult times, we always come out stronger and learn more about life which is always a good thing!
    I’m excited for you videos – I’ve been thinking of doing my own myself sometime soon. We shall see!
    Happy Monday!

    • Emily said:

      That’s so true. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger- cliche but accurate! ❤
      You should totally start a youtube channel too!

  4. I saw the blindfolded makeup picture on Instagram and now I’m even more excited to check out your YouTube channel!

    The second half of the year always seems to be easier for me–maybe because there’s more things to look forward to like summer and the holidays and it just seems to fly by. But I’m glad the challenges you went through during the first part of this year made you a stronger person, and here’s to hoping the second half of 2013 is a lot better!

    • Emily said:

      Thanks, girly! I’ll let you guys know as soon as we have some videos up.
      And I totally agree- the 2nd have of the year is generally easier. Here’s to hoping it’s very successful for both of us!

  5. super cute that y’all are doing a channel together! I cannot wait to see it! I’ve always wanted to do videos too but … hard to since I don’t even know what to talk about on my blog how would I even talk on the vid. haha maybe y’all will inspire me.

    • Emily said:

      Thanks! I’m not very good with computers and editing (my sister is the pro at that stuff!) so it’ll definitely be a learning experience for me. You should try it- I’m sure I’d love your videos!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your pup 😦 That’s the worst, but I’m glad you are doing better. 2013 has been crazy for me, too! Maybe it’s just the year, but tough times make us who we are! Keep your head up girl 🙂

    • Emily said:

      I really think it’s the year…it has been rough for almost everyone! It definitely helps us to learn and grow though- I’m so glad that you’ve been able to stay positive as well!

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