new kid on the block

I’m still alive and kicking over here, I promise. I’ve just been running around all week like a chicken with my head cut off (um, ew…) and never had a chance to sit down and put together a blog post. On the bright side, I did manage to have an amazing girl’s night filled with shopping and Chipotle on Wednesday! (PS: I wish you could see the deliciousness under that lettuce mound of lettuce…)

ChipotleBut, we’ve made it to Friday- hallelujah!

I started training at my second job this week and I’m having an absolute blast. My coworkers and manager are awesome and the fast-paced environment keeps me on my toes. Of course starting any new job comes with it’s own set of challenges- learning how things work, memorizing recipes/protocols/methods/etc., and understanding the business flow, just to name a few. But I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks that make the process a little more bearable…

New Job Training Tips:

1.) Be Patient: You’re going to make mistakes. It’s part of the learning process and it’s perfectly okay. Nobody expects you to be perfect right away so don’t put that unnecessary pressure on yourself. Take your time, learn, and don’t beat yourself up. It’ll all become second-nature before you know it.

2.) Observe: Watch the way your manager and coworkers do things. Take in the environment, the flow, the energy- everything. I’ve found that I learn better by watching and doing than by talking about it.

3.) Do Your Homework: I know this sounds silly when we’re talking about a job but it will make a huge difference and you’ll impress everyone around you. If there are things to memorize (coffee recipes and codes, in my case) then take a few minutes every night to review them. Sure it’s a little extra work but it will make your training and actual time on the clock much less stressful.

4.) Be Confident: Being the “new kid” is awkward no matter what. But fake it ’till you make it. Don’t be cocky or rude but handle your job with confidence. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and try to figure things out on your own. Everyone around you will appreciate that you’re giving it your best shot.

5.) Ask Questions: And, most importantly, listen to the answers. It definitely feels annoying to ask a zillion questions when you’re starting a new job but that’s okay- people expect it. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it and make sure you fully understand everything before you move on. There are no stupid questions- it only becomes annoying when you ask the same question over and over.

6.) Have Fun! Seriously. I love working. Being productive feels good and I love knowing that I helped make a difference in someone’s day- even if it was just a cup of coffee or an enjoyable meal. Stay positive, have fun, and make the most of your job (whatever it is)- you’re lucky to have it!


As simple as all of these things sound, they can make a huge difference when they’re implemented into training for a new job. I’m planning to do a series of posts about jobs, scheduling, and staying organized and positive amidst the chaos. So, if you have any specific questions, please let me know!

Here’s to new beginnings and a gorgeous weekend…


  1. I love your new job tips, and I’m going to be using them when I start my internship this summer. I especially like #4, since I tend to be a people pleaser and I don’t like being too assertive, but then I regret not having as great of an experience as I could have if I’d spoken up more.

    We’re totally twinsies–I had a Chipotle salad on Wednesday too and it was so delicious after not having it for a few months!

    • Emily said:

      I hadn’t had Chipotle in months either! We were both definitely due. Did you hear that they’re going to have a vegan protein option available soon?? Apparently they already released it in Northern California and all of the other locations should be getting it within a month!

      • I just heard about that! I’m so excited to check it out when it finally arrives!

  2. SO happy to hear your new job is going well! I give you so much credit for taking on two positions at once! Way to be a go getter Em! Can you believe I’ve NEVER had Chipotle?! I think I need to remedy that soon! 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Thank you, lady!
      And you’ve never had Chipotle?! Whaaat? You MUST change that. Their guacamole is heavenly. (:

  3. P said:

    These are all great tips! I definitely learn much more by observing than when someone just tells me about how to do something. When it comes to my internship, I like writing down what I did that day/learned to help me remember how to do a certain protocol next time around.

    • Emily said:

      Oooh…that’s a really good tip! I always think back through the things that I learned immediately after a training session but writing it down would ensure that I don’t forget! Thank you!

  4. Nanna said:

    Thanks for the advice- it’s so pertinent to me right now, so I really do truly appreciate the tips. Although I have a tonne of patience for others, I have very little for myself, so #1’s good for me to hear, and I also have to pay particular attention to #4: Be confident. Great post, yet again 🙂

    • Emily said:

      You’re very welcome!
      And I’m the exact same way. I have so much patience for other people (even kids) but absolutely none for myself. It’s silly but true! We need to be a little easier on ourselves. (:

  5. Ellie said:

    One more tip: The agression that may come from a boss or co-worker if you made a mistake stems from THEIR emotional issues, not your capabilities. There is nothing wrong with you as a worker. They are emitting some type of emotional struggle within themselves by barking instructions to you. It in NO WAY makes you less of a person or employee!

    • Emily said:

      Oh my goodness- YES. Manager’s brains are always going a zillion ways at once and they tend to take out their stress on employees. We definitely should never take it personally.
      Thanks for adding another awesome tip! (:

  6. Taylor said:

    So glad to hear you are liking your new job!! You definitely have the tips needed to start a new job down. Being in college I have been through my fair share of these come in handy 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!
      And I definitely remember working when I was in college- balancing school and work is a challenge. Props to you! (:

  7. Chipotle=heaven. And I can definitely relate as I just started my new job this past week too! It’s definitely stressful but once I get used to it I think I’m really going to enjoy it 🙂

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