you have been chopped

When was the last time you took a risk? When was the last time you did something completely out of your comfort zone? When was the last time you truly embraced change? Seriously. Think about it.

I spent the past three years of my life in a constant state of fear. I was afraid of making a mistake or making a bad choice- I was afraid of being imperfect. It started out as a desire for success and manifested into an obsession with perfection. I searched for validation from the people around me and completely lost sight of who I was. The worst part? I couldn’t even see that it was happening.

The past 6 months have changed me. I’ve begun to truly discover the Emily that I was covering up. I’m figuring out the things that make me happy and embracing the spontaneity of life. I’m not perfect and I’m probably going to make a million mistakes along the way but that’s all part of life’s journey.

Yesterday I decided to finally do something that I’ve secretly wanted to do for years…

securedownload-7Yep. I chopped it all off.

My hair has always been my security blanket which I’m sure many girls can understand. I was deathly afraid that I wouldn’t feel “pretty” with short hair. How ridiculous, right? I’ve secretly craved a change like this for as long as I can remember but refused to honor the way I was feeling. Until now…


I feel confident. I feel beautiful. I feel alive. I feel free. I feel like myself.

So, don’t be afraid of doing something crazy. The results might just surprise you.

Here’s to being bold and building bliss


  1. Oh my gosh you are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture on the far right makes you look so Old Hollywood starlet. Love it! I’m amazed by all the changes in you this past half year, you’ve become so much more individual and beautiful, in and out!

  2. HA I the title of this and it took me moment to figure it out, then the lightbulb went off! I love love love your hair! You look so grown up and beautiful!

    • Emily said:

      Haha! I was watching ‘Chopped’ as I wrote the post so I figured it was fitting!
      Thank you! ❤

  3. Taylor said:

    I have been wanting to chop my hair that length too, it looks amazing on you!!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!
      And if you’ve been want to, do it! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels. (:

  4. Girl, you look AMAZING! And you seriously did something that I’ve been toying around with for years. I’d love to do something dramatic with my hair, but the fear that I won’t like it or won’t be able to deal without having my security blanket around has been holding me back big time. Thanks for being an awesome inspiration 😀

    • Emily said:

      Thank you so much, Amanda!
      I was the exact same way. I’ve been contemplating cutting it for years but the fear was holding me back. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to have done it though! I definitely recommend it if it’s something you’ve been wanting. (:

  5. I love it! I did the same thing back when I started college two years ago. I had just recovered from my ED and felt like a new me and wanted something to “mark it” if you will. It’s a liberating feeling! You look stunning as usual 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!
      And that’s exact how I feel- so liberated!

  6. dolcem said:

    Oh my gosh you look gorgeous! I am in love with your cut, it’s beyond adorable. I did that before starting my freshman year of college, it was so liberating! Change is GOOD 🙂

    • Emily said:

      LOL! No worries! I’ve accidentally posted multiple comments on blogs sooo many times. Darn phones…
      And thank you so much! (:

  7. dolcem said:

    Your hair is beyond adorable! I love doing risky things like that 🙂

    • dolcem said:

      Dang it phone…it said the first comment failed so I submited a second one #fail

  8. Ellie said:

    I hope this BEAUTIFUL haircut was part of the “fun expenses” you worked into your budget! Hahaha look at me already analyzing the finances 😉 Seriously though I’m thrilled to hear how cutting your hair was a defining change for you. When I cut my hair it always feels like a new beginning and a fresh start 🙂

    • Emily said:

      It definitely was! Haha.
      I spent quite a bit of money over the weekend which was stressful after hardly spending ANY for a month…but it was almost all necessary things (uniform for my new job, sandals for summer, haircut…)
      And it definitely feels like a new beginning- I love it. (:

  9. P said:

    You look so fierce and gorgeous :D!
    I remember the first time I cut my hair, I felt like a completely different person! It’s amazing how such a seemingly little thing like getting a hair cut can have such a huge impact on our self image and confidence!

    • Emily said:

      It really is! I can’t believe how much different I feel, just because of a haircut!

  10. Nanna said:

    Absolutely brill, and inspirational, too 🙂 The style suits you to the T! How does it feel to brush your hair now that the “vertical” has been cut in half? Weird? Easy? A delight!? And in terms of the money spent on the cut, don’t worry too much because you’ll be able to save with the decreased shampoo and conditioner need 😉

    • Emily said:

      Its absolutely amazing! I could never have imagined that I’d be this happy with it.
      And that’s SO true about the shampoo and conditioner- I use about 1/4th of the amount I used to!

  11. You look gorgeous, girl, but more importantly I’m so happy for you that you took a risk and listened to what you really wanted and just went for it! I have to say my hair is definitely my security blanket and I’ve never wanted to have short hair again after having it in middle school and hating it but I did take a small risk a few months ago and got bangs and now I never want to go back to not having bangs, because I love them so much. Just goes to show that switching things up can really be a positive thing!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!
      You’re absolutely right- switching things up can be an amazing thing! And I love your bangs so I’m glad you’re going to keep them!

  12. I was so excited when I saw this on Instagram!! I cannot wait til after my sissy’s wedding so that I can chop my hair off. maybe not as much as yours buttttt enough so I don’t feel like my hair is weighing me down. 😛 Ps. I love it and looks super cute on you!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you, lady!
      And yeeee! That will feel amazing. But, more importantly, how exciting that your sister’s wedding is coming up so quickly! I’m sure you’re having a blast helping her get ready for it. (:

  13. I can totally relate to the fear of imperfection…and how good it feels to be spontaneous once you realize that perfection is not a realistic goal, ever. It’s so freeing.

    I really love the hair! Which is saying a lot, considering I usually say I don’t like short hair. But I’m definitely reconsidering. 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Aw, thank you! I didn’t used to think that I liked short either but, now that I have it, I’m in love!

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