caring less, living more

My inspiration to blog this week? Absolutely non-existant.

It was another rough week. I’m not going to get into the details because I’m still not ready to delve into that (and I doubt I ever will be). Tears, anger, frustration…I’ve been dealing with it all. But, in no way am I looking for your sympathy. Despite all of the bad, I’m trying to remember how much good my life is filled with. Things could always be worse and I’m determined to stay as positive as possible.

Personally, I prefer to be alone when I’m upset. I’ve always been that way. When things get difficult, I automatically seclude myself. Not good. That only leaves me feeling more lonely and upset. So, after succumbing to the negativity for most of the week, I decided on Thursday night that I was over it…


Guess what? It worked.

Friday was the best day I’ve had in a really long time. My roommate and I started the morning off with a gorgeous hike, I had lunch with my grandma at one of my favorite vegan restaurants in the city (and ate my body weight in sweet-potato fries), treated myself to a caramel frappuccino at Starbucks before work (it’s Frap Happy Hour, after all!), and proceeded to have a fun-filled night.


I feel like, as we get older, we feel obligated to become more “serious”. I hate that. I never want to lose my sense of joy and happiness just because life gets stressful. Three years ago, I was carefree as can be (see below!) and I love that I’m finally rediscovering that girl. Stress is better handled with a smile anyways, right? And hell, we’re still young! Let’s get out, let go, and have a little fun, shall we?


Here’s to beautiful friends and a beautiful life…


  1. Sorry to hear you had a rough week but I’m glad to see you focussed on the positives. Staying positive no matter how bad a day was is key. Your Friday sounds like it made up for the bad times before and I think you’re a positivity inspiration to many!
    “Stress is better handled with a smile anyways” – yes, yes, yes.
    I’m definitely a member of the seclude-myself-when-life-sucks club and it’s not a good membership. Today didn’t start too well, either, but going for a walk with a friend gave me such a lot of happiness. Somestimes it takes some pushing ourselves to see all the good things in life – and that’s worth it for sure.

    • Emily said:

      I’m so happy to hear that you got out and spent time with a friend today. It really does make a HUGE difference. And I hope the rest of your day has only gotten better. (:
      Thank you for your sweet comment!

  2. Ellie said:

    I think that feeling down is important for us to really experience true happiness. Your Friday was so great because of the bad days you had before. It’s like muscle soreness that leads to a stronger body. I believe that there is energy all around us that we can use to boost our mood whether its a friend, the weather, God, food, smells, music. By believing in that energy, each of us is able to change the way we feel (or fake it till we make it!) I’m glad you were able to channel a positivity that made your weekend start on a high note 🙂

    • Emily said:

      Oh my goodness, that is so so so true. I’m a firm believer that the pain we feel is what allows us to truly appreciate happiness.
      Thank you, pretty lady. (:

  3. That salad looks amazing! And I need to make another trip to Starbucks for happy hour before it’s over!

  4. Taylor said:

    Sometimes we need to let ourselves feel down before we can be picked up and continue on. Then telling yourself that the next day will be good and that it is ok to act silly and not be so serious is important. Keep your head up and you will persevere through this rough patch!

  5. P said:

    Awww, sending you hugs! ❤
    I had a roughish week last week, but I tried to keep positive and stay strong. I keep reminding myself "six more weeks till graduation" and then I'll be free! Haha.

  6. Lisa said:

    Glad the positive thinking worked! It really does make a world of a difference if we just focus our minds on the positives instead!
    Sending you some love for the upcoming week!
    That salad looks absolutely fabulous, like you;)
    Happy Sunday<3

  7. Sorry about your rough week, but it sounds like you’re handling it very well! Focusing on the positives can only make us feel better in the long run, and happiness is definitely contagious.

    I almost forgot it was Frappuccino Happy Hour! I’ll have to get over to Starbucks to celebrate the end of classes later this week!

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