makin’ bank challenge: week #3

Monday, Monday, Monday! Let the busy week commence.

I’m not going to worry about updating you much since I posted over the weekend, but I wanted to drop in for my weekly budgeting update! Only one more week to go and I’ll have successfully made it through my first month of challenges. I’ve learned SO much about my money habits and am already much more aware of my income vs. spending. If you’re having trouble with budgeting, I highly recommend setting up a challenge like this for yourself. You’ll be amazed by what you discover!

Makin’ Bank Challenge: Week #3

The Good:

Weekly Spending: $82.13

1.) Groceries

After realizing how impractical it was to be making multiple grocery store trips every week, I made an effort to change that. Success! On Monday I went grocery shopping and spent just over $50 on everything I thought I would need for the week. After that, I only made one trip to Trader Joe’s and it was to pick up bananas and berries (which I knew I’d need more of since they don’t last very long). This made such a big difference and it’s definitely a habit I’m going to try to maintain!

2.) Second Job

I found out on Friday that I got the 2nd job I had applied for! I’m beyond excited. I start my training at the beginning of May and, even though my life is going to be a little hectic, I can’t wait.

3.) No Shopping

Woot woot! Three weeks down, one to go. I haven’t made a single clothing, makeup, or accessory purchase all month. And guess what? I’m alive! Not to mention, I’ve learned to get creative and make more use out of the things I already have. The first week was tough but it’s getting easier and easier. I’m definitely going to be more conscious and selective about my shopping from here on out.

The Bad:

1.) Eating out

With my trip to Coachella and having a somewhat stressful week, I did eat out with my friends a few times (3 to be exact) and we went out for drinks on Friday night. But hey- I had fun! A girls gotta live a little. Plus, it all evened out since I was able to cut back on my grocery spending.

On top of everything else, this week was payday (aka: the best day of the month) and I made some extra money by working the catering event on Thursday night. Money > Sleep.

If all goes as planned and I’m able to finish them, I have two interesting posts planned for Wednesday and Friday. For now, have a beautiful week and be thankful for your safety, your health, and all of the little things you’ve been blessed with. There are always going to be things in life that are out of our control- all we can do is hold our heads high, stay positive, and never stop building bliss.

quoteHere’s to a week filled with opportunity…


  1. I think I’m going to do this “write everything down” thing next month. Or would next month be a bad time to start since it’s my birthday? And my sister’s birthday. And mother’s day. And my grandpa’s birthday. And my grandma’s birthday. And my parent’s anniversary. Shit. Yeah. Maybe I’ll do it in June. When it’s only my mom’s birthday o___0 lol! Either way, I want to do it!

    • Emily said:

      This made me laugh out loud.
      That’s how it was for me this month with my sister’s birthday and Margo’s birthday but oh well! You should definitely write everything down anyways- it’s super eye opening!

  2. Ellie said:

    You know what you should do? Add a bit of money to your spending budget (that you can manage) each week for stuff like going out for dinner with friends etc. That way you dont go over budget if you do go out with friends, and if you dont spend it, put it towards bigger that you either want or know you’ll need in the future (hello KEURIG! 😉

    • Emily said:

      I was actually thinking about doing that!
      Starting next month I’m going to create a separate “fun” budget as well as a budget for gas because that definitely adds up and I hate taking it out of my weekly spending!
      Thanks for the tips, girly!

      • Ellie said:

        Since I work in the service industry, I get a moderate amount of tips. I use this money for groceries primarily and put the rest away. Recently however I’ve started not putting as much of them away and keeping some out for “fun, randomness”. I just try not to use my debit card as much as I can 🙂

      • Emily said:

        That’s what I’ve been doing too! I use my tips for most of my spending (oh the joys of working in a restaurant!) and try to avoid using my debit card at all. It makes such a big difference. (:

  3. Yay! I’m so glad your budget is working out. I definitely think I need to create my own little budget. I’ve been good about saving my $$ but then it seems like everything pops up at once that I need to buy! I need to learn how to manage it better and am definitely going to once school ends and I’m working more.

    • Emily said:

      Thank you!
      And I’m in the same boat- it seems like the need to spend money always hits at one time. That’s why it’s nice to have some saved up!

  4. Nice job! I need to do your strategy- last week I stopped after school every other day to “grab a snack” from TJ’s. Yeah… a lot more than just a snack ends up in the cart haha 😉

    • Emily said:

      That’s my problem too! I just swing into TJ’s after work to grab one or two things and wind up with a cart-full!

  5. Taylor said:

    Way to go soon enough you will be in total control of your budget! I am hoping to also do some budgeting this summer, I just a summer job so there will be some big time savings! I’m actually hoping to move out to LA after graduation!

    • Emily said:

      Oooh- you definitely should!
      And congratulations on getting a summer job (:

  6. You did so well with the grocery budgeting! I’ve been trying to do the same thing and shopping only once a week and I was able to spend under $40 at Whole Foods this weekend, which is huge for me since I could go crazy in that store. I wish I had a summer job so I could have a little extra spending money, but I’ll be doing a TV internship this summer that I’m really excited for!

    • Emily said:

      You spent under $40 at WF?! Way to go, girl! I don’t even know if I could do that…
      And congratulations on your internship! I can’t wait to hear more about it. (:

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