when hurt brings hope

I’m posting on Tuesday rather than Wednesday this week in response to yesterday’s events.

By now we all know what happened. We’ve seen the images, we’ve heard the stories and we’ve spent the last few hours in a state of sadness, confusion and anger towards whoever caused it all.

marathonbombsThe tragedy that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon is heart-breaking. We’ll never fully understand the reasoning behind the attack. We’ll never be able to wrap our minds around the fact that someone wanted to hurt innocent people. We’ll never be able to ease the pain that so many are feeling.

Immediately following the attack, I started seeing various social-media rants about how people have “lost faith in society” and how “there’s no hope for humanity”. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree.

I’ve mentioned before that the universe has an amazing ability to stay balanced. Whether it be in our personal lives or society as a whole, things never get too off-kilter. As soon as we begin to lose sight of what’s important, something happens to bring us back to reality. It happened again yesterday.

As humans, we’re constantly getting caught up in our differences. We let our personal opinions and beliefs stand in the way of peace and we spend our lives debating things that really don’t matter.

Those two bombs were a major wake up call for our country. All of the trivial things that we’ve been fighting over immediately disappeared. Nobody asked whether the victims were straight or gay, democrat or republican, religious or atheist. Nobody let our differences stand in the way of compassion. And everybody had a desire to help in whatever way they could. It was beautiful.

It breaks my heart that it took a tragedy for us come together again. But, regardless of the circumstances, the last thing we should do is lose hope in humanity. A light of love shone brightly through the pain and destruction yesterday and we were reminded that we’re all human. We all have families and loved-ones, we all have goals, and we all deserve to be accepted for who we are.


Finding love within ourselves and throughout society is the first (and most important) step in building our bliss. We can never have inner-peace if we’re spreading hate and our country will never function properly if we let our differences control us. Now is the time for us to stop thinking and start doing. Life is so much more than labels and we’re all entitled to live the life that we desire. So, we need to remember the outpouring of love that happened yesterday and never, ever let it go. 

Here’s to making a change and never losing hope…


  1. this really is a beautiful way of looking at it! Of course the person who did this is terrible, and what happened is definitely tragic. But as you’re saying, it’s not just about the obstacles in life (because there will always be some), it’s about how we respond to them

  2. Ellie said:

    I completely agree. Being a Christian, often I am asked why God lets bad things happen to good people. However, I believe that it is through struggles, suffering and saddness that we really learn to experience happiness, faith and peace. God has a plan for everyone’s life is how I see it. Others see it as “everything happens for a reason.” One thing that seems to be terrible can actually impact some other thing in a great way. I feel like the only way to make a good change is to become aware of the bad things happening because the change hasn’t been made. Here’s to the future!

    • Emily said:

      God (or the universe, depending on a person’s beliefs) has a divine plan for all of us and we just have to trust in the journey. It’s not always easy but what’s meant to be, will be. ❤

  3. I think it’s so sad that it has to come to a tragic event for the country to start coming together and working through our differences, but I’m so glad that people do, ultimately, care for others around them. In all of these recent tragedies, it’s so heartbreaking to see the loss and devastation but it’s beautiful when we see that love really conquers evil!

    • Emily said:

      That’s so true. Love really does conquer evil in the end, we just can’t lose sight of that!

  4. Taylor said:

    My views are very similar to this, but you capture it much better. Always love reading your blog!

    • Emily said:

      Thank you, girly! I always love getting your comments!

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